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Tuesday DT

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Slow day here at TCS, huh? I shouldn't complain too loudly, after all I am supposed to be working. LOL With it being so slow on the boards I am actually getting a lot done.

I had a good sports weekend. The Broncos beat the snot out of San Diego, and my favorite 3 drivers finishes 1-2-3 in the NASCAR race (Dale Earnheart Jr., Tony Stewart, and Ricky Rudd, finishing order), AND my favorite driver, Tony, is now in the points lead (sorry Jimmy Johnson fans). For some reason I was overly ambitious on Sunday, too, and cleaned a lot. I guess that's good too, the kitchen really needed it!

Not much going on today, except work. Hope everyone's day is going fast!
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An absolutely beautiful fall day here in Cleveland. Although it was in the 30's last night, our building still has the AC on. It was 64 degrees in the lab when I came in this morning. Brrrr!

It's been a day of computer work, and my eyes are starting to cross. Only 30 more minutes tho and I can go HOME!

Have a good day everyone!

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I think that fall is, really here. We only got up to 82, today.

I'm off and goofing off. Bought some cute fabric and am going to make a romper, for the baby. It is blue gingham, with Dalamatians on it - works for a boy or girl. If I keep buying and making baby things, maybe I'll get used to being "Grandma", by time its born. Mark and Sam have a pair of Dals so they should like this.
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Cindy, sounds so cute! I wish there were some way to fit my sewing machine in this darn RV, but we've already ripped out the dining room to fit needed shelves. I NEED SURFACE SPACE!

I started getting sick Sunday, definitely had a fever Monday, and Gary let me sleep in today. I know I'm sick when I don't wake up until after 10:00! (I stayed up later than planned last night - got sucked in to the "good debate" thread.) :tounge2:

Anyway, lots happened with Samoa today, so I'm happy about those developments - despite Horsley's follow up article, which wasn't all bad. I agree with Heidi - good to find the silver lining. I've always been a "cup-half-full" kind of person anyway.

Hope everyone's happy and healthy! Have a great rest of your evening!!!!
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