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post spay rules

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Hi there!
Dynah is getting spayed tomorrow (she's 4.5months) and I'm a little nervous. I haven't had to go through many spays and chester of course was nutered. Also, the new vet at my new place (recomended by a lady a curves who does rescue work and apparently is the vet the OSPCA uses in the area) has different methods than the one back home. I just need some advice and reassurance.

1. She's being brought home the same day (around 4-5pm). What should I expect? She's also getting a microchip and boosters with rabies (not fiv or feline lukemia) while she's under, if that makes any difference.

2. I was planning on making her a nest with her favourite blankie, some food and water close by and a litter pan and locking her in my room so she's not tempted to fly around the apartment, opening her stitches. Mom has mentioned that jumping up on my bed might do that. I can put my file case or a garbage can upside down or something next to the bed. Should I be concerned?

3, related to 2. I have an extra litterpan already, should I pick up some non-clay litter for her, or can I use the normal stuff? she's not picky, so taste isn't an issue here, but I'm worried about infection and dust.

ok, here's the most important one...tell me how easily she'll heal and it will all be great! I hate going to the vets more than I hate going to the doctors!!!

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Don't be nervous

From my own personal experience, Abby was VERY groggy when she came home. She could barely walk. This isn't the norm, but if it happens don't panic. She also couldn't hold down any food for over 24 hours. Keeping her quiet is best. Isolating her is a good idea and I put Abby in the bathroom. Forgot to take the toilet paper out though Jumping and running up and down stairs could cause a problem with the stitches. When you pick her up, ask for detailed food and activity instructions. I'm not sure about the litter. We used Abby's regular clumping litter. You will need to keep an eye on the stiches to make sure they aren't getting red and inflamed, or to make sure she isn't developing a bump.
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My girls all went home the same day too (all 3 the same day/what an experience). They were fairly dopey at first. Their heads were wobbly and they walked backwards a little...it can look kind of scary for a few hours.

Litter-wise, I used their regular clumping litter too. My 3 even had a sand throwing contest and there was no harm done...except to my sanity (it was my stupid fault ...long story). One of them had a slight interest in food when we got home and I let her have a little...it stayed down OK. The others wanted to wait a few hours before they ate...but they did fine.

My girls healed up pretty quickly with no problems. I quit nervously checking their wounds after about 24 hours. They looked better and better each day after that. I'd say they looked 80% healed after a week...but they were running around like nothing happened 48 hrs after the operation.

You might put something half as tall as the bed next to it, to minimize the jumping...like you said.
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It sounds like you've got everything well planned out. She's going to be just fine. Sending lots of good luck and get well wishes her way!
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I'm sure she'll be okay, you sound prepared. Good luck!
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I had my baby girl spayed back in Oct06 and it took about a week or so to heal only cause she is was allergic to the stitches I took her in at 7am and picked her up at 7pm. The surgery was done by 11am but she was still groggy when I picked her up. The vet recommended me not to feed her anything until the next day.

You do want to make sure she gets sufficient water though. I just held a cup of water infront of her and she drank it. It's important to keep the place quiet. My vet gave me pain medicine to give to her, which will make her sleepy, thus less active.

As for the litter, I was using the feline pine litter (the pellets) that the vet recommended. I heard others use shredded newspaper but I don't like it cause it doesn't help with the odor.

Your vet will probably give her a buster collar or you can get one ahead of time so the vet won't charge you for that unless it's in the spay cost. You do want to keep that on for several days (my vet recommended 1 week) so she won't end up licking her stitches off.

Don't worry, you will do just fine~~~~
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