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Vet checkup - when to do it

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When do you do the yearly checkups? We adopted Stumpy in the middle of June, and she had a vet checkup then, and Lily at the end of July and she had a checkup then, but she didn't finish her kitten vaccinations until the start of September. Should I take Lily a year from her last checkup or a year from her last vaccination?

And what are people's thoughts on yearly vaccinations? I believe vets are now starting to recommend that cats that are purely indoors do not need vaccinations every year, is that right? In which case, do you take the kitties in for a yearly checkup anyway for everything else, and just get the vaccinations when they need them?

And what about rabies? They had their first rabies shots in the middle of last year, do they get a booster again a year later, then every 3 years or something like that? I can't remember...

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I only take the cats in for check ups when they are due for their shots. I am perfectly capable of being able to tell if they are ill or have any issues. All they do during checkups is look at their teeth, ears, listen to their heart etc. I cant afford to pay like $50 or more just for them to do that. If I need to have something else done, i.e. urinalysis or shots I will take them in and try to get everything done at the same time.

We do the 3 year FVRCP booster shots and that's it. I dont vaccinate for rabies or FEL Leuk and my vet agrees, since they are strictly indoor only.
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We have to keep the rabies vaccinations up to date because when we move back to Australia (which is rabies free) we need to show that the kitties are fully up to date with all rabies shots for them to be allowed in with us..
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I've been taking my cats for annual exams even if they aren't due for vaccinations. Yes, many vets now believe that the FVRCP vaccination needs to be given only every 2-3 years. One of the vets in the clinic I use follows this schedule but the other vet still believes in yearly vaccinations. My cats don't get the FeLV vaccination as they are totally indoor. I agree with Sicycat that many of the things checked at an annual exam can be done at home. I still take my cats annually just in case the vet picks up on something I missed and just to touch base with the vet periodically.

Hawaii, like Australia, is rabies free. Rabies shots are not required for cats already living here but are for cats (and dogs) entering the state.
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my vet and vet specialist said i HAVE to get rabies every year but after this year i can get the other shots every three years.....ugh....i just don't want to over vaccinate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm planning on doing every 3 years rabies & distemper combo. My vet was kind enough to tell me that the distemper combo is only good for 1 year. I opted not to argue with him...just yet!

They get the kitten series of rabies & distemper combo, then the next year a booster for both, then both every 3 years.
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Having various ages kitties here ranging from almost 3 to 14 years old, My 3 year old and 7 year old go in for a yearly check-up unless something comes up that is concerning. They also just had their 3 year Rabies and boosters for their other vaccinations (also every three to five years by our vets suggestion). Our senior goes in for a bi-annual check-ups.

As for as your kitties, if nothing urgent or concerning comes up, maybe take them in from their last check-up on a yearly bases and finish Lily's kitten/adult boosters in September, then you might be able to get her vaccinations every three years or so.

Best yet, ask your vet.
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Why Do My Vets Insist On Rabies Every Year??????? Aarrrrrggg
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