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Fun at 4 Months, the life of Dynah

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Hey guys!
I got some really nice shots of Dynah last night and today and thought I'd share.

"I want the bird channel! All bird all the time!"
"Do we get Disney?"

"What do you mean the catgrass is supposed to say IN the pot? Wasn't that there for digging in?" (note the clump of catgrass behind her head) "Chester started it"

Can you guys believe she's gone from this:

(on the left hand side, white belly)

to this, in just four months!?! She gets spayed tomorrow, wish us luck!! And me extra sanity, I'm already nervous!

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Oh my gosh!! She is adorable!! And yes many vibes sent to you!! Your baby girl will do fine tomorrow.
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She is adorable, and they grow up so fast . Best of luck with her spay tomorrow...lots of calming vibes to you and to Dynah
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Oh! I'm in love! She's SO CUTE!!!

I just LOVE 4 month old kittens!
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She's gorgeous! What a pretty kitty. Good luck with the spay
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awwwww.........what an absolutely adorable Lady ! give her tum a little scritch for me

Good luck for her spay, I´m sure everything will go just fine
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She is adorable !! Good luck with the spay
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Aww, she is the prettiest little girl!!! Such big expressive eyes!!!

Good luck for her little op!!
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awe what a cutie shes growin up so quick also good luck vibes coming ur way for the spay I know how nervous u are for sure
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What an adorable baby girl! Sending lots of vibes for her big day.
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Isn't she a gorgeous little muffin
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Dynah is beautiful!!!
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Good Luck with the spay! She is so adorable.

That pic with the cat nip behind her all dug out is hilarious and reminds me of times past
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