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The Price Is Right!

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I'm watching it right now, and the guy is going to play Plinko and he's FREAKING out, he's so excited.

If you were on The Price is Right, which game would you just LOVE to play?!

Mine would have to be Plinko, I just LOVE IT!!
Although, I'd wanna win a car
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I love Price is Right!! whenever I have a day off I try to watch it I don't know what any of the games are really anymore though, but I would love to spin the big wheel!!
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I used to watch that show EVERY day growing up!! That was(and still is) the best game show! I dont get to watch it now because we dont get the channel it is on(stupid satelite)

Anyways-plinko was my fave.
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Plinko is too random. I think I'd rather play something where I had to pick prices.I haven't watched that show in quite some time but I know there is one where you have to stop the game when you think your price falls in the selected area.

I also liked the higher / lower game.

When is Bob Barker's last show? I heard that he's retiring.
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I thought he did retire already? Or maybe he just announced it a few months ago.

I used to love that show.

There was a great game called the Golden Road, that always had really great prizes. I also liked the one with the red dice where you could win a car.

I hated the one with that lumberjack guy climbing the mountain.
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I used to watch the Price is Right all the time.

About a year or so ago, there was a girl on there from the town where I live. She won a car on her first thing, then she won a truck, it was all about her in our local paper.

She was a friend of my sons, when it came on I tivo'd it and have it saved. I need to make a dvd of it, I guess.
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I love that show!! I always watch it if I am home during the day!! I love plinko too, that would be so exciting.

But your right, I would want to win a car too, that would be so sweet
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Plinko is my game too!!! I'd probably get all zero's though!
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I love the Golden Road!
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Hmm isn't there a putt putt golf game? I want to play that one!! For a *game show host voice* NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!!
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I like the game where they have to guess the prices of the household products in the shopping bags.
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I like that one, too . I started watching it when I was pregnant- just tonight I asked my 3 year old what video she wanted to watch and she said "Bob Barker" . Sorry, Punkin, we don't have that on video!
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Plinko has always been my favorite! I'd totally freak if I got on and got to play that one! And I'd give Bob a kiss on the cheek too!

I grew up watching it while eating my lunch with my Grandma. I'd get so excited I'd scream to Gram if she was still in the kitchen when someone had a chance to win a car. Gram and Bob Barker are the same age. I always thought that was cool. I've not seen it in forever, but I will be sad when he retires. (Isn't that real soon?) I heard a girl I went to HS with is one of his 'beauties' or was a guest one or something.
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Plinko--I LOVE IT! Sometimes I wish they'd show it more often. The other day when I was watching it and Showcase Showdown was on, a guy guessed $250,000 but then put it at $60,000 (it was for dirtbikes). The woman beside him guessed $1. The woman won!
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles View Post
I've not seen it in forever, but I will be sad when he retires. (Isn't that
I'm pretty sure he's retiring in June.
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I don't know which one I'd like to play but for those of you who watched the show, the first guy who went up I made his shirt!!! And the three people with him!! That's so cool to me!!!
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I wouldn't want to play any of the games. Knowing me, I'd make a moron outta myself. Although....I like the yodeling game.
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