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counter kitty

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My 7 month old kitten really likes to eat people food so he jumps on the table and counters to get it. I don't think a water bottle works simply because he learns that when we don't have the water bottle we can't spray so he ignores me. I will pick him up and put him on the ground over and over but he thinks it is a fun game so he works to dodge my hands and run faster to jump on the table. I really need help to stop this behavior, thanks!
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I yell 'get down!' and clap my hands a few times loudly and that always seems to do the trick.
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I washed out an empty can of soup, taped the top back on, with some small rocks in it, and rattle it when they do something wrong. It really works, they don't like loud noises. keeps Orion off the counter, and whiskey from clawing at my chair...Mike Medford, Ore
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I do the clapping of hands and say 'no' very deeply Unfortunately it is something that you have to keep doing over & over ! they do get to know when you´re not a happy bunny
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Saki is only allowed on one part of the counter and he knows it
When I tell him to get down he does this shaky meow and eventually makes his way over to the part where he is allowed.
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When Alley was on the counter or somewhere she wasn't allowed to be on, I would just come in and look at her and say her name and she would hunker down like she was trying to make herself invisible Then as soon as I turned away, she thought I couldn't see her, so she would jump down and sneak off like she didn't do anything!

Different things work with different cats, but loud noises usually do the trick. The rocks in the can is a great one!
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ssscat mat. works even when you are not there.
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Originally Posted by Abigail View Post
ssscat mat. works even when you are not there.
Either that, or double sided tape. Once your cat realizes that he doesn't like walking on the counter anymore, he will stop and you can take the mat or tape off.
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