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Sambo....such a good kitty, so sad

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My poor little kitty died 2 years ago this month. He was so nice and friendly. He was all black, with just one white whisker on his face. When we first got him, he was a stray. We fed him homemade potato soup and a peanut butter sandwich that was probably close to an inch thick on homemade bread (which is why the sandwich was an inch thick!). He must have liked it b/c he ate it all! He would bring his catches to you, and show you them. He caught a rabbit once (I don't know how, but he did!). He had a schedule that he liked you to follow. Because my mom was up at 6:30am during the week, she always fed him at that time. On the weekends, when she didn't have to get up, he would stand on top of you and do the paw thing (lifting paws up and down on top of you until you woke up), until you woke up, and get you to feed him. Then you could go back to bed and sleep, and he would come and lay down in the same spot he left...right between your knees....he never moved from there. He liked to go outside, and in the winter time, when he wanted in, he would either climb up the screen, or stand on the post by the door (depending on which house we were in), and look at you while you were eating supper, or if he couldn't see you, he would meow really loudly so that you could hear him and let him in. He liked to be petted, and brushed, and he was such a good kitty! He was also a very smart cat. He used to look both ways before crossing the street, when he lost he jingle bell balls in the new house (they would go under the doors to the closets), when he wanted to play with them and couldn't find them, he would take you to the closet where he knew they were, and get you to get them for him. He would push his way through the door to get into your room, or push on the french doors to get into my room, you didn't even have to have them open, he would just push them and then come in. He was trained to do certain things with kitty treats, and he very seldom ever went on the counter/table. He knew when he did bad things, so didn't do them very often. Well, I think I wrote enough for right now...maybe I'll add more another day. Bye all.
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Sambo sounds as though he was a great cat. I'm sure your heart still aches for him. Isn't it great that you have the wonderfully distinct memories of his antics? Those are the things we never forget. It's so nice of you to write a tribute on this very sad second anniversary. It's obvious how much you loved him. I'm so glad you shared these great memories with us.
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Sambo sounds like he was a real joy for you and your family. Cherish those special memories you have of him. They are never with us long enough. Sambo is a special kitty angel now, playing with his jingle balls at the Rainbow Bridge, waiting to be reunited with you.
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Oh my! Sambo's antics were certainly cute. He must have been a very happy cat to have you for a family. I am so sorry about his loss and just know that when he greets you at the Bridge - he will have those jingle bells with him!
in memory of your Sambo kitty.
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