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Tomorrow's the big day!

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Stupid me thought it would be easier to get all my kitties on the same vet schedule. So I made an appointment for all 5 tomorrow morning.
It's going to be a really fun trip and I'm going to have 5 very ticked off cats when we get home.
At least nobody will get "ousted" cause they smell different, cause if they all go - they're all gonna smell different.
Getting them into the carriers outta be fun too. I have 5 carriers cause even though they all get along, none of them will tolerate sharing a small space with another I think.

I'm a bit nervous as I am anytime I go to the vets. Always nervous they're gonna find something wrong with one of my babies. So - wish us luck and keep your fingers crossed all goes ok!

Just out of curiousity - how do all of you handle your vet appointments? Are all your babies on different schedules or do you have them on the same schedule? I just thought it would get it over with in one day, but we'll see. It's going to be a long (and expensive) appointment.
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I used to take Rosie one week for her check up and Sophie went the following week, but i'm taking them both together this year because their going to a new vet.

Good luck with the famous 5
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Ooo, good luck!!!

My two are pretty much on the same schedule, but I too have to use separate carriers.

Since I am now buying a large hard-sided carrier for Ferris, I don't know that I'll be able to take them in together, as I have a very small pick-up truck with just a front bench seat, and because it is a stick-shift, I can't have anything in the middle of the seat or it gets in the way of shifting.

So I guess I'll have to deal with separate vet appointments from now on - I'll just be sure to keep the vanilla handy!
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I try to space each one a month apart because of the expense, but on Wed I will be taking both Dianna and Holly at the same time. It will be fun because I only have one carrier for Dianna. Holly just goes on a halter and leash. Putting her in the carrier is like stuffing a sausage back in its skin. The funny thing is that Holly does really well on a leash and just walks right beside me. I don't even take the dogs on the same day because they are just too much to handle together.
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Sounds like quite a challenge getting them all in the carriers and to the vet at the same time, lol.

Good luck!
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Oh boy Lisa, good luck!! 5 at one time!! WOW! We take the girls one month, and the boys the next...........and we would never be able to put them in the same carrier........they are too tense!! Trixie always takes a poop in her carrier anyway, so that wouldnt' be very fair to Petals to put them together!
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Well with so many I have one vet visit a month. It's a little crazy but it works for me.
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Not me...I'm crazy!!!!

January - stevie and lou, same day
February - Reecie
March - the planet trio
June - Dodo
July - Tam tam, Milo and Mocha
November - Grandpa, Dumdum and Tuah

The most number of cats to a single vet visit....8 in 5 carriers.

I'm lucky though, my vet does house calls!!!
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I have 4 cats, and I take them all at the same time- 3 in the big carrier (that is on a rolling luggage carrier) and then Bird in her own (if the dog goes too, Bird gets strapped to the top of the big carrier) and me and the 3 year old . My new vet clinic has vet techs who actually come out and help if they see a client in the parking lot with a "load", and will help you out if you need it (or just look like you need it ). One of the vets actually helped me out one day! And this vet clinic hasn't even seen me with "the crew" all at one time yet!

Our new dog (a Boxer) gets her shots in Feb, and the cats in May- I liked it better when I could take them all at once and get it over with- then everybody is feeling kinda blah at the same time . After this year, I'm going to work on putting the dog off a month or so, until everybody is back on the same schedule . (Plus, our new vet is at least 30 min away...)

Maybe now that we have a Boxer, as opposed to a Corgi, I could teach her to pull the cat carrier! That would make it really easy! (Kidding, just kidding... )

On a side note, going to the vet is the only time my cats cuddle with each other !
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Our two are on different schedules but we take both each time so there is no difference in smell and they seem to calm each other.
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I've worked 9 of mine into the same time of year but set up appointments 2 or 3 at a time over the course of a week. I have some that are hard to get into carriers and I try to get them in first. If they escape me the first round, there is always round 2, 3 and 4. Dummy me does this in late December so I get socked with Christmas and the big vet bill at the same time.
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Wow, your one brave woman! Best of luck for you and the 5!
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Whew, 5 at once - let us know how it goes!!

We've adopted our 3 in the last 9 months all at different times, so they're on different schedules. I might try and have Stumpy's a bit late and Lily's a bit early so they can go together so make life easier for me.
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Well we made it!!! And I'll tell you what - 5 at a time is great! I'm doing it this way every year. We had the hardest time getting Snickers in the carrier as we knew we would, but it's just easier to load them all up, get it over with and then they all come home smelling the same and sleeping the trauma off together.
All 5 got a clean bill of health I'm very happy to say!
Even Zoey as she approaches her senior years, the Vet said she looks great.
It seems that my crew is slimming down a tiny bit as well (except Snickers )
They weighed in at:
Chance - 13lbs (all muscle the vet said though cause he's slim but very strong)
Peanut - 8lbs
Pebbles - 11.4lbs
Snickers - 17lbs
Zoey - 13lbs

The only thing we came home with was some antibiotic for Chance. He's got some kind of "thing" that starts with an S She said it causes Gingivitas to flair up and bad breath in cats. She says it's something he'll always have but hopefully we can keep it "calmed" down with some medication. I didn't catch the name of it though so I have no idea what it is and I need to find out.

So anyways - the crew is home now and sleeping it off.
You should have heard our car on the way there though!! It was like a chorus in the back seat.
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I'm glad everything went well! I'm going to take my 2 at the same time this year. Which should be nothing compared to what you had to do.
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So glad they are all doing good and are all healthy!!!

Ive done the 5 at a time thing ............. it was so fun
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Eat some Wheaties, and wear a suit of Armour and Gloves There is no way I could take 8 at the same time
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Whoa! couldn't afford to do all of mine at once! mine are at 4 different times of the year - basically, one per season. didn't plan it that way, just sorta happened.
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
Whoa! couldn't afford to do all of mine at once! mine are at 4 different times of the year - basically, one per season. didn't plan it that way, just sorta happened.
Here's the thing - I was pretty darn sure I'd be looking at a vet bill of about $400 with 5 cats. It was only $238!!!!! Stupid me - I even asked the receptionist - is that right?
She said yes. The offer multi cat discounts and they have a nice low discount price that includes the wellness exam and a vaccination. Since I only vaccinate mine for rabies the bill was much much lower than I antipated!!
So of course I had to rub that in to my mom cause she doesn't like cats and has 2 large dogs. Told her she couldn't have brought her 2 dogs for the same price I got 5 cats in for.
And one last thing - this vet this time was awesome! I was thinking of switching out of this place cause I had some young guy vet last year who freaked out twice that he got scratched during their visit. Hello!!! You're a vet!!! It's a cat!! What do you think is gonna happen. So this woman I had today was much older and spectacular with my crew and we'll be staying now.
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i do mine 1 a month , so for 10 months of a year i have vets every month
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sorry that should be 8 months of the year
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Originally Posted by XxtashaxX View Post
i do mine 1 a month , so for 10 months of a year i have vets every month
Arrggghhh! I don't know if I could do that. Wow! I was happy to get it over with.
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