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2 male cats fighting

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Hey everyone.

Got a big problem.
I recently put my six year old female cat to sleep--she had feline leukemia. I had my other cat, a 12-year old male (Chuck) checked and he is negative.

I went out a couple of weeks later to get a new cat to help me deal with the loss of my cat. I got a one year old jet black cat named Menace.

Whenever I put Menace around Chuck, Chuck withdraws to a corner, and hisses and growls. This sets off Menace, and he gets real defensive--his tail puffs up, and he growls and hisses, and then a serious fight breaks out, complete with cat screams, flying hair tufts, etc.

Needless to say, I didn't do any research regarding the probability of these cats co-existing. The apartment is Chuck's, but Menace wants to stake a claim. Both cats are fixed, and I cut all nails to lessen the possibility of injury.

Right now I have both cats separated at all times, and I keep all doors shut so the cats won't accidentally mingle. I can't continue to live like this, though.

Getting rid of either cat is not an option. Individually, these are 2 of the best cats I have ever been around.

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Please tell me she was very sick and she was put down because it was a last resort.
Do a search on this site for cats fighting. There have been well over 100 posts on this issue that would be very helpful.
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