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Hi Everyone!

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Hi Everyone, I am a new member to this, although I have been getting the Cat site newsletter for a bit now. I have 4 cats, technically 5, but the 5th one seems to run away for the summer and come back in the winter, so right now it is 4. There are 3 (4) females, and one male. 4 of them were strays, and the male is one that was given to us after our first kitty died (and he was such a good cat!) There names are: Rascal (the male one), he is orange and white, and has lots and lots of fur!; Pepe, cuz she looks like an upside down skunk, so I named her after Pepe le Pew, she is all balck with white paws and a white strip down her tummy, and loves to be petted but you can't pick her up; Zeb is grey and white and black striped, and I thought she looked kind of like a zebra with all the stripes, so I named her Zeb. Mama cat (the one that likes to run away in the summer and come back in the winter) is just mama, b/c she is all grey, and the mother of Pepe and Zeb. The last one is Shorty, b/c she was so tiny (she isn't anymore, but that's ok lol). She got stuck in the old house cistern for three days (we couldn't find her) so she was really far behind and really small, but now she is growing lots! She is the baby of Zeb. We did have more kitties, but there are some mean stray male cats that don't like them, and big mean dogs where they liked to go, so I don't know for sure what happened to them. If I can get a picture of all of them I will post it on here. It's nice to be on this site! Pam
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Hi Pam, and welcome to you and your 4/5 cats. Pictures are always welcome-in fact, they are in great demand! Feel free to jump in and ask questions or just chat. Everyone here is friendly and very helpful. Hope to hear more from you!

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Pam, It's so nice to have you on the Cat Site. I'm so sorry you lost some of your pets. Perhaps you'll have to keep your cats inside because of the dogs running loose and the strays cats. Perhaps you could even help the strays by trapping them for a no-kill shelter. We have a list in the SOS forum of all the no-kill shelters in the U.S. It's possible that those strays are carrying feline leukemia or other contagious diseases. Also, I'm sure you know how easily a cat can get an abcess from any bite. If you need information about feral cats, there is a forum for that also. We'll help as much as we can. Your cats sound beautiful; I'd like to see pictures too!
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Welcome to the site Pam. Your kitties all sound beautiful. I'm sure you have many stories to tell with all those cats around.

I look forward to getting to know you and all your cats. Happy posting!
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Welcome to the site - it is great to get some more Canadians on here! Where in Canada are you from?
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From my gang to yours...welcome!

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Thanks to everyone who posted in reply to my messages...you guys are a great bunch of ppl. To Adrienne, I am from Manitoba, where are you from? I was reading the posts to Sandi about trying to get her wild cat Lucky/Autumn tamed a bit....it takes time. All of our cats were strays, and now they just love us. (well except for Zeb, she's a little chicken s**t if you ever saw one. Although she does know that you have food and water and kitty treats!) Pepe likes to be petted but not picked up and petted, Rascal just loves attention, doesn't matter how he gets it as long as he gets it, and Shorty likes attention too, but not holding (so much like Zeb, his/her mom-haven't quite figured it out yet, although I think Shorty is a girl). Is it possible for cats to have asthma? Shorty has a definite breathing problem, and we haven't had the time lately to take her to the vet to find out what is wrong. We think it is because she got stuck in the cistern for 3 days, and that is why her breathing isn't very good, and she was so much smaller than the other cats. Any ideas as to what it is/what caused it/how to get rid of it? I am going to try to take a picture of all the kitties that we have....feeding time you know lol when they are all together...except Pepe, cuz she is kind of a loner. It snowed tonite some, and I felt so bad about leaving little kitty (aka Shorty) outside, but we don't have a litter box inside, and she is still kind of scared of being inside for a long amount of time. But thankfully it isn't too cold out yet, and there are the other 2 cats there too, so she won't be too cold. I so want an inside cat (yes I like sleeping with cats! They keep you warm! :laughing2 Anyways, we haven't decided yet if Shorty is going to be allowed inside or not...last winter all the cats were outside, and they survived ok....they hardly even wanted to come in! Even Rascal...and he likes to come in lots! But he just wanted a bit of attention, then back out again. Oh well....cats think differently than us anyhow...keeps life interesting! Anyhow, I have to go to bed-early morning at work tomorrow Thanks again! Pam
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Welcome to the group
I too just joined myself.
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