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another question.

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well anne should be near 7 weeks pregnant i think. but i can not feel anything ? her stomach is sometimes hard , but when its soft there is no movement dosnt seem to have little hard lumps or anything , her nipples are inlarged but no milk sacks starting yet
see i have only gone through this with lilly but i could feel her kittens moving from the day i found her after she got out and she was about 6 weeks then. and at about 7 weeks she started getting milk sacks.
the vet said she was in good health last time and said she was pregnant . im not worried but a bit confused?
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When was the last visit to the vet? She could have re-absorbed whatever she had inside creating a phantom pregnancy. The best thing to do now is get her back to the vet for a reconfirmation I'm afraid. I've had girls that re-absorbed at 8 weeks....
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she went last week monday. she is quite big around the belly. and i never knew they could re-absorbe that late into pregnancy.
do they do this when something isnt right?
i will phone the vets up and get her an appointment asap.
i would have done it this morning if i had any idea that could happen. thanx
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Yes, it does happen when there's something wrong with the pregnancy. But I may be wrong and only the vet can confirm if the kits are still there or not! Sorry!
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i have phoned the vet and he remembers when i brought her in , he said the kittens were very far up??? and that he could only feel maybe 1-2 kittens so it might not always be possible to feel them in there , but i have an appointment for friday ( earliest i could get) just to make sure everything is fine. in a way it will be nice if she isnt pregnant so that she can be spayed . but i just hope that there will not be any infections if she did abort them or something. plus was just comming round to the idea of have another set of kittens running round the house lol. anyway as long as she is ok i will be happy.
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OK, that sounds good!!!

And I do understand the high up. Just like humans, babies are higher in the womb until they drop down in readiness for delivery. Sounds like you've got a ways to go yet...
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maybe she is just not as far gone as the vet and her last owner had figured. will soon see.
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Hope the kittens are ok. Let us know what happens at the vet.
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I hope all will be well at the vets. Shame u cant get in before friday. I'm sure everything is fine though. When i took Dee Dee to the vet's her babies were high up and they could only feel 1 or 2. Even now on day 53 of her pregnancy she isnt that big. She doesnt have difficulty grooming herself still and is still active. Her body resembles the shape of a bowling pin at the moment. I think she is only carrying 2 possibly 3 kittens. Sometimes when you cup her body in your hands when she is standing up its very soft. When she lays down you can feel a hard lump either side. But again you can't feel them kicking that often. I just put it down to this being her first litter and her tummy not being that crowded!! I guess the only way to know for sure would be an ultra sound or an x ray. Her milk sacs are developing, the ones right at the bottom by her back end are the most prominent.
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when did she start getting the masses with the milk before they started dropping? it makes sense to me lol sorry if it dosnt to you.i know different cats and different litters are different
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Originally Posted by XxtashaxX View Post
when did she start getting the masses with the milk before they started dropping?

Sorry lol say that again? im confused?
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My queens never got milk in till a few days before delivery. When I could get a drop out, they would have them within 48 hrs.
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ok thanx ,
by masses i mean , the milk ducts flilling up but not gone soft yet ? lol
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maybe im getting a little confused. i meant that her teats are really swollen and the ones at the back almost look like udders. These ones are much more swollen then the others. Her milk hasnt come in yet. i reckon this will happen early next week as she is due on the 2nd March or a few days earlier. She is nesting alot though now and cant keep still for very long.
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when u say filling up do u mean they feel very knobbly, and a bit hard.?
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yes not the teats there self but under neath them. im sorry if im still not making sense , the mammary glands?
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yes i understand what u mean now, yes she is like that. been like that for a few days possibly a week.
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yea i finally remembered what they were called , im so having an off day today. im just not with it atall. i might see if i can phone round a few different vets tomorrow to get her in sooner , as im starting to worry a bit.
but im sure everything is fine.
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wo ho just wanted to let you know i felt the kitten. yes kitten im sure there is only 1 unless the other is hiding. but im still taking her to the vets on friday just to be on the safe side , i think i was worrying myself silly over nothing.
but for now i can sleep easy tonight
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Your girl's pregnancy seems very simular to Dee Dee's. I'm sure she is only carrying a couple of kittens aswell. I was with her last night and managed to have a good old look at her. Her mammory glands are VERY firm and swollen behind the teats at the back, not so much nearer the front and her belly seems to be heading for the floor. It's very hard and lumpy, with 2 long hard lumps just under her ribs on either side. (i'm assuming these are her kits??) She layed there while i placed my hand on her tummy and i did feel movement and kicks. Not loads and loads and not really hard ones. I really just think she's going to have a small litter. She is due about this time next week. She is fine though and still active. She was playing with Simba this morning jumping about.
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aww i could feel lillys kittens i felt 3 hard long lumps 2 on 1 side and 1 on the other , and she had 3 kittens. we still have about 2 weeks to go , so hopfully all is wellgood luck with your girl.
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ok anne went to the vets this morning ( sorry i didnt post before now i was caught up in the kittens stuff going on in the other threads)
well everything seems to be fine , the babys are moving and anne seems to be healthy *thank god* so i was worrying over nothing. at the moment she is staying in my room as she had a small amount of blood in her poo. but they think that she could just be a bit consterpaited , they just want me to montior her closely . she seems more comfy in there anyway and she hasnt pulled the carpet since i superglued it down lol. thanx for all the advise
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thats brilliant news!! Glad everything is o.k and your mind is at rest
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once i felt the kittens move i felt so more relived , but now the vet has said everything is ok i feel even better.
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