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Please help, shadow has some sort of sickness

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hi, my 2 3/4 year old cat has started acting funny out of the blue...first he started wabbling is rear end when he sneezed or shook his head, it got worse the next day so i took him to the doctor...the doc. prescribed a 10 day cycle of antibiotics due to a possible inner ear infection because he could not find anything physically wrong with shadow...the blood work also showed nothing irregular,,,,so that night shadow got worse and his eyes started tracking the room like he was extremely dizzy or something, then he started shaking his head like his ears were bugging him....over the next few days he got a little better but he is still off balance, mainly when he shakes his head or tries to rub on something or right after he jumps up on something, he will just fall over....i can see that he is not in any pain, but i would like to know what is going on...ive been reading about cat strokes, and inner ear infections.....these two options suit his symptoms best. he is going on seven days of treatment but is still off balance ....he still eats and drinks and pees and poops, what is your opinion....the blood work showed no increase in white blood cell count so an inner ear infection is please
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I just have no clue, but I would want a second opinion. Is there another vet you can take him to see?
That's what i would do.

Also, you might take him back to the vet and tell him what is going on.

Then, if things don't get better ASAP, I would go somewhere else.

You are a good mommy. I would be frantic.

I am praying. Bobbie
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thanks, me and my wife are going to take Shadow to the vet again tommorrow...
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Originally Posted by shadowshock View Post
thanks, me and my wife are going to take Shadow to the vet again tommorrow...
good luck, and please let us know something. I will be worried.

I am leaving to go to work (I teach 3rd grade) soon, but I will check during the day. Kiss sweet Shadow for me.
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oh heck, that does all sound very strange, I´ve not experienced this is my cats, but I think "batgirl2good" is right, I would have my kit back to the vets, it doesnt sound like the tretment is clearing things hopefully tomorrow your vet will be able to offer some reassurance, or if you feel like it, take Shadow to another vet.

Thinking about you all and keep us posted !
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Sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi that Shadow is feeling better soon.

Please keep us posted on what the vet says.

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No advice, Though I think a second opinion is a good idea, Hope Shadow feels better soon.
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I have no idea what it could be but I would definitely take Shadow back to the vet. If your vet doesnt seem to have a clue, or doesn't want to do further tests, then definitely get a second opinion from a different vet. It may be nothing serious, but its better safe than sorry.

Sending lots of get well wishes to sweet Shadow.
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I have seen another thread here somewhere with similar symptoms described- you might want to do a search here of each of the symptoms, and see if it pops up . Hope he's better soon .

This maybe the one I was thinking of- don't know if it will help or not (I found it by doing a search for "inner ear infection" ):
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what is the latest on shadow?
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It sounds neurological. You may need to see a specialist if treatment from regular vets dont seem to be helping.
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I hope the vet figures out what's going on with Shadow. It could be so many different things. I had an aquaintence in the past with a cat that had similar symptoms. But he had gotten a toxic dose of Ibuprofen.
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shadow is improving slowly but surley, i have 1 day left of antibiotics and shadow is still a bit wabbly on his feet, jumping, and when he shakes his head...i think that it is either an inner ear infection, or he had a going to talk to my vet and ill let you know any progress, thanks for the prayers and advice....see ya
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I was going to say it sounds like a stroke, too. Sending good thoughts to Shadow and you.
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