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Little Tabby Cat

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A little tabby cat was knocked over by a car outside my house last night. The driver drove off. We knocked on all the doors nearby but we couldn't find the owners even though s/he had a collar on. S/he was really perky and acting like nothing was wrong and to be honest, I don't think it felt anything. I put it in my cat carrier and my new neighbours drove it to the emergency vets where unfortunately, s/he was put to sleep as nothing could be done. It's back legs were paralysed and the nerve endings destroyed. S/he did not have a microchip either. I keep thinking that someone nearby is looking for their little tabby cat and it's not coming home. I think I will put posters up later.

Please light a candle for little tabby cat. Be free from pain little one and play happily over rainbow bridge.

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oh that is so terrible, I am like you and always think about the person missing & wondering about why their kitty didnt come home and how sad and confused they will be
Thats a great idea about some posters, at least they will know someone was there to help when their kitty needed someone

RIP Sweet Tabby, you can run & play with some special kitties over the Bridge

ps. how could that driver not stop
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Originally Posted by mooficat View Post
ps. how could that driver not stop
Your right, the horrible person!

Gilly that must have been awful for you to see, and i really feel sorry for the owners as well

Play happily over at the bridge little one, Gilly made sure you didn't suffer anymore pain

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I am so sorry to hear that, I hope you are able to find its owners so they can bury their little cat.

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aw i hope you find the owners so that they at least know someone was there to help.
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aww that poor little baby. I don't know how someone could just drive off like that!

I'm glad that you were there for the little kitty, even though you couldn't save it, you did all that you could, and most of all you were there so the little kitty didn't have to die alone. I think posters would be a good idea. Its possible the kitty wandered too far and couldn't find its way home and someone out there is probably worrying about him

Rest in peace little kitty. You are loved.
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Poor little cat , I hope you can find it's people so that at least they will know what happened and that someone cared enough to take it to the vet.
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Oh poor baby.
Play with the other kitties at the Bridge sweetie pie.
RIP little Tabby Cat.
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How sad this is - at least you were there for it, and it didn't have to go through the end alone. Poor little angel
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RIP little Tabby.

You are such a good person to do what you did ...

unlike the the person that just drove off.
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What a Good Samaritan you were. Thank you for trying to help a poor little kitten when she needed a friend. Rest in Peace, little one.
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Oh RIP little Tabby cat
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Aw - poor sweet baby! I don't understand how anyone could do such a thing and just drive away and leave the poor baby suffering! How inhumane! Rest peacefully, little one.
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how can ppl be so mean I hope someone catches the person that ran over this poor little baby causing it to loose its life !!!

R.I.P. little Tabby

I hope someones able to find the family to let them know
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