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Lonely Steven

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Well, it's been a few days since Moses passed away. Steven is so lonely. He makes his chirping noise, and looking all over for him. I know he's looking, because he's going to places he normally doesn't go. I feel so bad for him. When I come home from work he is so attention starved.

So I am not sure what to do. Moses' disease (FIP) probably infected Steven at least with Fvoc (feline corona virus), but there is a good chance Steven won't get it FIP itself. This doesn't mean though that he couldn't, or that he couldn't infect a new cat.

I am curious if there are any folks out there who had an FIP cat, another cat without it, and then added another cat to the household. There is so much conflicting research about FIP and Fvoc and how it grows, that I don't know if I could ever get another cat.
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Would it be possible to get another cat who has been exposed to FIP? It is not extremely contagious, but most vets think it wise not to expose other cats. There is some controvery over this, but it's better to be safe.
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Hi Snip-

Perhaps you can find some help in this article?

How Cats Grieve-
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Snip - your poor boy is truly missing his friend. I am so sorry for him. Why not check with your local shelters and see if they have any kits that could fit in?
God bless you - I know how sad your whole family is.
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Actually, I had a Siamese that died from FIP and we also had a tabby at the time who is still with us, Twig.
Our vet told us to get rid of all the things Zen(the siamese) pottied in, touched or ate out of and scrub down the house with a bleach/water mix to disinfect an kill the virus germs. we also had to wait 6 mos and get Twig tested twice before he was ruled negative and we could get another cat again. Now Twig might be a carrier but so far, he's tested neg for any illnesses and we have a happy household of four kitties none of which are showing any signs of illness in ANY way(they were all tested for all cat diseases plus fip and they have none) So I think it is safe to say, yes you CAN have another cat even if the first one was exposed to FIP, as long as that cat is tested and it comes up negative. But that's MY opinion and I am certainly not a vet, so you might want to check with them first and get their opinion.
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We were supposed to do the bleaching too. I have those cat trees though. Can I bleach clean those too or should I toss them?
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I'd ask the vet if a disinfectant spray would do, but you could scrub them with rug cleaner first.
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Has Steven been tested?
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Originally posted by The Dreaded Tum
Has Steven been tested?
No, we were thinking of testing in a couple months. If he has it, there isn't much that can be done. However, we are starting to look at alternative remedies and approaches to this dreaded disease. One of which is to use high potency vitamin c.
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