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I found some great advice on these websites so I thought I'd share.

I found some tips for switching to an all canned and/or raw meat diet that I had never thought of before. Tip number one is to get the dry food out of the house. If there is no dry food available the cat won't smell it. Hunger will work in your favor and the cat will have to eat only wet. Do not starve but put your cat on a feeding schedule. Cats need 8 to 12 hours between meals to digest and create the natural enzymes they need to digest the next meal. Tip number 2 is that if you're gradually switching your cat to raw and don't want to waste raw meat simply freeze the meat in ice cube trays. You will have very small portion, convenient for thawing out and mixing with your cats canned food.

Now I'm psyched up again. Before I was frustrated. I still have a bag of dry cat food to finish using but I am vowing that after I'm finished using it I am not going to purchase another bag of dry food. That means I'm in the process of weaning my cats off dry food. I leave out only 1/4 a cup a day for my 2 cats to share and feed wet the rest of the time.