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Milli.. doing so well.

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Hi, thought to let everyone know Milli, is doing oh so well.
She only lets me feed her, I feel so spoilt Milli runs in her own strange way to me when I call her from her box. And has taken to a bottle (yay.. finally found one.. ) and is now also eating 15g royal food.

Milli waking up.

Milli drinking.
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Awww! She's absolutely beautiful! And I'm so glad she's doing well.

Thank you so much for sharing the pictures!
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Milli is such a beautiful girl. I'm so pleased to hear that she is doing well.
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She is the prettiest little baby - we are all proud of you for the hard work you have put into giving this little lady a good start in life -the outcome could have been so different if you hadn't found her - she is a lucky girl!!
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I am glad that she if feeling better.

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She's adorable! I'm glad she's doing well.
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awww what a precious little girl! I'm so glad she is eating well now and that the bottle worked out good for you and her. Do keep us posted on her as she grows!
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aww my what an adorable Little Lady, bless her, look at that cute little tum I still cant get over you finding her in the wall ! Shes just gonna be the most loved kitty ever...........do keep us posted....... oooo and of course keep those photos coming
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Aww... how precious is she. Make me wanna go snuggle Frankie. They are so cute when they are that dependant on you. It also makes it so much easier to spoil them.
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Wow.. kittens are amazing, Milli has been on the bottle for two weeks. And her Royal feed, now she no longer wants the bottle.... in the day. But at six am she demands her bottle.
No problems yet, I am so grateful that Milli is booming....
Milli is going to the Vet on thursday for injections and check up

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