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Good night my friends

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I just got in from work. Tavia was waiting on me I couldn't even get my first drink of Dr Pepper before she asked for some canned food. I brung home some cheetoes but I don't think I want them till in the morning. I am pretty tired. My first day back was like a war zone every patient and their mother was fighting about someone stealing their stuff. It was nuts I think we had a full moon or something. My feet are soo sore. And when I got home Lilly acted like I had moved out for a year. I guess they forgot what it was like for me to be gone. I am about to go to bed I didn't get to post this morning because I was straightening up some stuff in the house and I came home and dad had mud in the carpet after me vacuming the whole house. And the dogs had torn up a box. And this morning Tavia decided to walk across the kitchen table which she has never done before not sure what that was all about. There wasn't any food on it so I don't know what she wanted. I am just worn out. Good night my friends. Love and Hugs Gail.
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Away from home due to work is very hard on the cats. Too bad they can't understand we have to do this in order to pay for their vet and food bills.!

Have a good sleep!
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