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Gettin' hungry over here y'all! I think its about time to pull out the ol' crock pot and make somethin' yummy!

I'd like to add just one suggestion for the sphagetti recipe (or for any time you're cooking with ground beef of any kind). Sometimes even after you drain off the fat after browning the beef, there is still a whole lot of grease left in there that we just don't realize. What I would do is that I would brown the meat and drain it as stated...then I'd spoon all the meat into a colander and 'rinse' it out with hot water from your tap...as hot as you can get it...the hotter...the better! I know it sounds peculiar but I saw this done in a cooking show years ago and since then, I do that every time I make tacos...doesn't change the flavour at all but does make it a lot healthier. For the spaghetti recipe here, I'd brown the onions in the crock pot rather than with the beef...then follow the recipe as directed. As I said, I do this any time I'm cooking with ground beef or even ground turkey.

Hilda >^..^<
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
I thought the title said crack pot

Me tooo!

I have 2 crockpots now and I rarely use them. I have this thing about leaving appliances on while I'm not home.... I have used it to make a stew and spagetti sauce before. Slow cooked spagetti sauce is the best! I put beef chunks in my sauce and it gets sooooo tender I can almost taste it in my immagination right now! Mom makes chicken soup, apple sauce, all kinds of roasts, and just tons of stuff in her crock pots. Sometimes she's got so many crockpots going she has to borrow mine!
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Well- it works like a dream! When I woke up this morning the stew i made in the crockpot last night was done. It's amazing!!!! I LOVE my new crock pot I think the next thing i try will be the spaghetti recipe
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Originally Posted by KarmasMom View Post
I love my crock pot

I have only used it once to make chilli for a party. everyoone sade it was the best chilli ever. We had 8 people here and they ate 4 quarts in about 10 minutes so I guess it was good.

Does anyone have a recipie for Split Pea Soup? I have a ham hauk in my freezer from New Years Eve that I have been saving to make split pea but I don't have a good recipe.

I can't wait to try the spaghetti one either.

Just one question, can you freeze the stuff to use later? If you can how do you thaw it out? I have never delt with that before.

you just take it out and put it in the fridge for thawing (thats what i do anyways) and just stir it good and reheat as needed
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