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Faith Hope Love Persians

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Well guess I'll stop in and share a few photos of my kitties.

First off this is Sanura. Sanura is Egyptian for *kitten*. She literally adopted us as she was a stray. She was so petite and SO cute I took one look at her and told her she was coming in the house. We discovered right away that she had kittens some where so one day my hubby walked out on the porch to find 3 little kittens scattering. Sanura had brought her precious babies to us!
Sanura is now the Queen of the house and all the other cats are her subjects.

Then we have Tristan who is Persian. He is VERY onery and has this thing with making a huge mess of his ruff when drinking water. THEN he'll come over to me with his ruff all wet and SHAKE it all over me! He's my precious Luv Bug just the same.

Tristan can usually be found in some box of some sort.

* more pictures to come *
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Mighty Man Samson my breeding Persian

He's a goof! Plain and simple. He LOVES LOVES LOVES catnip. I make catnip pillows for my business and he won't stay out of them. they are Samson tested and approved. One day I had all my catnip pillows in a box. I set them on the couch to go get something in the other room. I was gone no more than 2 minutes to come out and he's on the couch with the pillows ALL around him and ON him!

Here is he is *helping* make the catnip pillows.

Hyped up on the catnip he decides to play with Tristan *note the pieces of catnip on his fur*

This is the aftermath of the catnip fetish he has. He will be playing really hard ONE minute... then the next Minute he's like this
Totally Zonked out!

Here are some other pics of him

Sam & I

I LOVE this one of him! My daughter took this pic of him when she was 6 years old.
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Oh my!! You have some goregous kits Samson really stole my heart!!
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Thank you! I will share more of my kitties as I get time. Samson is a really handsome boy too.
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What gorgeous bundles of fluff you have there
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samson sure is and he passed that naughty catnip fetish off to some of his kiddos! especially roger.
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o my what cuties, more pics please
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All your babies are GORGEOUS...I love Persians
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What lovely fluffy kitties! I just adore them. Thanks for posting the pictures.

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Thanks! I'll have to post more pics of them.
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More Pictures to share:

These are of Mimi. She is a blue/white Persian. Her daddy is one of Scamperfarms girls and her Daddy is my Samson.
Her greatest feat in life is to eat and sleep.
She loves everyone and has the cutest little Meow.


Here she is VERY upset with me cuz she just had a bath. She was very very angry with me over it. lol

Here she is when she was just totally brand new!

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Hay see how wide my post is?!?! That is weird... any idea why it's doing that?
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Wow, fantastic photos!! Your kitties are absolutely gorgeous - I'm a sucker for the "plain" tabbies Sanura is beautiful, and what a great name!
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Aww...look at those fluffers!
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I adore the tabbies and torties. I have two tabby Persians one one Tortie Persian. Thank you about Sanura.
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