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Sorry but I haven't asked yet... things went very badly the other day...
My sick kitty (Howard) was diagnosed with cancer in his intestines and brain yesterday. I couldn't let him suffer anymore... so sadly, last night Howard crossed the rainbow bridge ...

I will do my best to remember to ask tommorrow though... I know you understand my delay...
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will say a Prayer & send some Light.

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Hi Shorty,

Am just checking in with you...are u ok?

Is that what you do - take care of "special needs kitties?" How warm & wonderful of you.

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I'm doing better. It's been a little rough... Howard was the first cat I ever got. I had him since I was 7 years old. Its been really strange to not have him around anymore. And yes, I do take in special needs animals. Neville has osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease), Weeble has cerebellar hypoplasia (she cant control her muscles right so she walks like she is drunk), Jennifer has hyperthyroidism, Pheelicks and Spaz are prone to UTIs, My Husky, mika, has seperation axienty, and the rest of them where all rescued in some way or another.

As for your itching... Your probally going to have to wait at least 4-6 weeks before getting another steroid injection. The vets I work with hadn't heard anything about depomedrol causing anykind of heart problems, but they said that they would look into it just to make sure... Sorry for taking so long...

Its been a tough week... my plumbing in my house is messed up... we have to replace part of the line... My washer and dryer both broke down.. and I have been having a flea problem... the fleas have been jumping on ME since all the animals in the house are on flea prevention. ARGH!! when it rains, it pours...

Are your babies doing any better? Is their itching still as bad as before?
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Good Morning, Shorty,

The itching is back to "normal." [tongue in cheek]
I have marked the calendar and will wait till 4-6 weeks have passed. Thank you so much for caring and asking about the steroids.

Your house sounds like mine! I am currently working several hours away from my house and so am living in a rented one, but my "real" one doesn't have a bathroom sink! Needed some emergency plumbing almost two years ago, and haven't had the chance to re-install. Oh well. It's also in various stages of painting, tile laying, etc. Am doing it all myself and learning (badly) [g] as I go.

I had the opportunity recently to buy a well-maintained second vehicle, so my next big goal is to lengthen the garage (back to its original size - someone shortened it in its 50 yr life), so I can house my precious truck and then drive the second. Lots of vehicle thefts right out of the yard, so opening the garage will be cheaper and more secure than a fence. I want to give the truck a well-deserved rest too.[g]

I call my house my "art project," and at times - like plumbing - my "science project!"[vbg]

Have decided not to return to that vet anymore; I really feel his head is in the clouds (or his bank account) & not focused on what he should be doing - at least not for my boys.

Will keep in touch,
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I just LOVE being rated as a "kitten!" How sweet!

everythingkitty(oops, I mean rosie)[g]
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