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Meet Tidbit the betta

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We told our 3 yr old that when she was finally truly pottytrained, that she could have a fish. And here she is (the fish, that is ) :

She so funny! I personally like the females the best. No offense to the boys, but I really think they are smarter .

With 4 cats, we just had to get the sign (though my daughter was dead serious about it; I guess she thinks the cats can read ).
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She's very cute!
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so cool! love the sign
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That sign is hilarious Did she show the cats?
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What a cutie now is the three yr old doing lots of water changes..lmao..
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That sign is too cute! I think the males are much prettier though.

We are losing our betta Hes just not right...

Where did you get your tank at? I like!!
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She's a beautiful betta.
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
What a cutie now is the three yr old doing lots of water changes..lmao..

No , however, I have managed to convince her that Tidbit only gets fed when Mommy helps, because if she gets fed too much, she WILL GET SICK AND DIE (which is a little strong, but she hasn't tried to feed her herself so far ).

Yes, the males are much prettier, but the females are more entertaining to me as a "companion" pet . I used to have about one of every color of the males in college, plus a female or two. I went out of town one time and left my fish in my bathroom at my parents house, and my mom discovered that while the goldfish were happy to see anybody, my bettas weren't until they figured out that she was the one feeding them!

And no, she isn't about to show the cats the fish, sign or no sign, after I closed the door the first time we left the house "so the cats don't bother her". Ab's little eyes got wide and you could see the wheels turning in there! Nope, no kitty visits for Tidbit!
She has even decided that she doesn't need her nightlight after I mentioned (in response to her asking if Tidbit was going to take an afternoon nap, too) that fish sleep when it's dark because they don't have eyelids to close their eyes! Kids! You never know when they are actually listening!
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I love my female bettas! Right now I have four of them in a sorority tank and they get along quite well! I love how they just hang around in front of the tank looking for food and attention, they're just lovely little fishies. The males are definitly beautiful, but females have just as much colour in them.

Tidbit is beautiful, I love her pastel colouring ... and her sign
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Aww tidbit is adorable. I love that sign
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aww cutie fishy.....I love the tank - cool
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Aw, she is so cute. I love that posing pic of her. And her tank is so girlie. LOL. That sign is awesome. That's what I need in my betta tanks since Cosmo is always going after them (RIP little fishies).

But she is adorable, as is your daughter.
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Thanks! She is a girly girl one minute, then wants to hold the lizards and Ooo and Ahhh at dump trucks the next! I couldn't pass up that bright pink bowl, so I asked her about it when we saw it in the store months ago, and I bought it and put it away until the big day !

Tidbit is a hoot! She already knows who she belongs to- I put my daughter up on the dresser next to the bowl at feeding time, and we shake out the food together- Tidbit only does her "feed me" dance for my daughter, on the side of the bowl where she's sitting! Kid + dresser = Tidbit food
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