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Everytime I put my finger to their nose for a kiss, a shock comes and even when I pet them, my hand raises their hair. How do I get rid of all this electricity? They stay away from my hand a lot now...

How do I get rid of this?
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there is another thread with the excate same question as this , maybe do a search? as i can not remember what section i saw it in. i know someone suggested wetting your hands then stroking them can help.
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oh thanks, i did the search, i found some stuff.

i wish i had searched first.. oh well, at least i found answers, eh?

thanks again
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i use neutrogena hand cream for preventing shocks..work in recieveng and dealing with clothes all day and hate getting shocked-seems to solve the issue
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im glad you have found some more info.
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You might try running a humidifier in your house also. I think that will help some because it puts moisture into the air.
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