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any ideas on areaing the house?

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5 out of the 10 cats i have here sneeze every so often. i have taken 3 of them to the vets (who seemed the worst) and they can not find anything wrong with them. so my feeling is i used to have windows and doors open up untill last year may when we started haveing kittens about the house. i know the youngest is 7 months now but i cant bring myself to let them out just yet .
so this means i can not and will not have my windows open or doors left open, so my thoughts are could it be to much stale air lol. if that makes sense? i just got so used to have the windows closed and doors always kept shut because the kittens and not wanting them getting out as my vets will not spay untill 6 months old . there done now , but i still feel weird letting them out.
so for those of you who dont allow your cats out , how do you air out your home ? especially in the hot summer months? as the way things are going i think they will always be indoor kittys lol even though the others are indoor cats , they do like to go outside.
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ps im so sorry i just relised i was in the behaiver part , if someone could move this to the right section i would be greatfull
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We open the windows, but they're all covered with screens, so no one gets out, though sometimes the cats will tear at the screens and bugs get in - so we get more screens!
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i have tried the screens , i have 1 cat who shredded it and got out , that was how she feel pregnant after she lost her first litter and went missing for 6 weeks untill i found her.
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All windows here are screened but since house is very old some of the screens frames are very weak(like if cat pushes it might pop out) so I use a baby gate on the inside part which keeps the screen ok and the screen still keeps out the bugs. also use window fans to just get the air going
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I don't have screens, so I leave the windows open just a little, so there isn't room for a cat to squeeze out. I also use fans sometimes.
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Before it really gets hot enough for the air conditioner to be on, we just open windows (we have screens but the windows are not up far enough for them to lean against the screens) for awhile. We do make sure that the filter is changed before the heat is on in the winter.
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When we want to air out the house, we close the dogs and cat up in our bedroom before we open up the rest of the house. After closing the house back up, we move the furkids to the main part of the house while our bedroom windows are open. It doesn't take too long here as it is always windy.
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I bought pet proof screens for the windows where the cats can reach and have many windows that can open from the top where the cats can't reach. I also use air purifiers everywhere and keep my ceiling fans running so the air doesn't get stale. I have 10 cats and 2 dogs that live indoors year round and another 2 cats that come and go.

I'm in the process of a kitchen/utility room remodel and we will have a litter box in the utility room. As they did the room, I had them install an ultra-silent ceiling vent to suck out the air 24x7. If this works out, I'm going to put one in the bathroom where we keep another litter box.

At my old house, we kept a window fan in the room with 2 litter boxes and kept it blowing out year round. Sucked the stale smell right out of that room. The ceiling vents are a little more classy.

The real key is to keep air circulating.
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thanx for all the sugestions , half of them i have never heard of though lol , so of to do some research.
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We open our windows, but in San Diego at least one is open year round.

Is it possable they have an allergy. Maybe to the litter you use? It could also be dust that you can not see. Try changing your vacuum bag every tine you vacuum. Try using a magnetic duster that traps dust. The air could also be very dry, try a humidifyer/air purifyer.

Karma sneezed a lot at first untill I started treating the house the same way you would if you were alergic to dust. So now when she does sneeze usually she has the other symptoms of a cold so we know that is what it is.
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ok thanx for that i will try change things slowly so that i can see what the problem is lol. never knew though how much i missed having windows open.
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If it's not the litter your using or some other environmental thing, You could get a heppa air filter. There pricey but they do work.
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whats a heppa filter? lol sorry im not all that clued up when it comes to filters.
apart from cat fountains ones lol
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HEPA filters are special thingies that are used in vacuum cleaners (and other things) and are supposedly a lot cleaner (filter the dirt better) over here. You probably know them under some other name there.
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