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Children in skate shoes....

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Would *anyone* else besides me have gotten their backsides tanned for "skating" through grocery stores, or restaurants, or *any* public place????? Has anyone else almost been run down, run into, watched these children run into waitstaff carrying huge platters who then subsequently dropped them?

Maybe it's just a freedom of expression for children these days, but I so would have had my backside tanned for even considering doing that.

At our local Safeway.. I see children in these skate shoes all the time. Sometimes, they're simply tilting their toes up and holding onto the cart while mom or dad pushes it... so they're not causing commotion, but the other day..I'm walking through the store (and this store is always packed and backed up) and an older woman, who I'm going to guess was in at least her 70's, bent over and using a cane, was carrying her groceries, and here comes these two 12/13 year old children right around a corner, almost blindsiding her. They almost knocked her over, never stopped, she dropped her groceries, (then they almost ran into me as well). They just kept *speeding* through the store chasing one another. She just sighed, and I helped her pick up her groceries.

One day at Red Lobster, we were having dinner. There were about five children, and I don't think they were related. I think they met at the Red Lobster, whilst skating around... that engaged in a game of chase or tag or something.... but they were running/skating about while their parents (presumably) had dinner. They were doing this the majority of the time we were there.. well, anyway, one of the crashed into a waiter who was carrying a huge platter to a table. He dropped the platter because he tripped. Fortunately he didn't hurt himself or the speeding child, or anyone else for that matter, but... gracious. I just couldnt' believe it. It's got to be unsafe for the children themselves, let alone anyone else they might be zipping around corners and run into. You'd think that this would be a safety issue no matter how you look at it.

Is this just a trend here?
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My brothers/cousins have them, BUT... when we are all out to dinner/shopping, they use them ONLY outside, never inside around people.
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The Heelys?

There's lots of kids around here on them, my youngest sister has a pair even. Though I haven't seen anybody run into anyone or anything. But they are becoming more and more popular. If it wasn't for the cost of them, I think almost every kid would have a pair!

I got confused when you said skate shoes.. because I have skater shoes, but not the kind you meant.
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No respect at all from those children, likely they don't have any for their parents either.

My parents wouldn't have tolerated that type of behavior at all in public (or at home) and likely not many strangers would have either. Why did none of these places throw the kids out? I've on occasion seen a sign or two at a store that said the skate shoes weren't allowed, though I have yet to see a kid with a pair around here. Is it just me or are the skate shoes ridiculous tacky anyways? Sounds like a horrible idea just tempting kids to do stupid stuff where they shouldn't.
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My bosses little monsters have those and they use them in our store CONSTANTLY. I just want to smack her upside the head and tell her that not only is that not acceptable, she should be taking some responsibility for her kids, telling them not to do it in the store. But she lets them do whatever they want, whenever they want to. It's sad really. I won't stand for it though. I tell them to stop when I see them doing it and she gets upset with me but I really don't care anymore. Her kids are out of control.
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Originally Posted by Leto86 View Post

I got confused when you said skate shoes.. because I have skater shoes, but not the kind you meant.
I was confused too I love skate shoes...like ones to wear on a skateboard. I think Heelys are stupid, I don't understand why people can't just walk.
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I don't think there's anything wrong with the shoes, it's the parenting. I know plenty of kids who have heeley's. They don't use them in inapropriate places because they have been taught not to. It's the parents that don't teach thier kids discipline and good behavior that are the problem.
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Those drive me nuts in the store! I'd probably would have to of had a pair when I was a kid (not that I would have gotten them ), but I know my parents wouldn't have let me wear them out in public places like that- not to mention, when we went to the store (gosh, am I sounding old? ), we were expected to stay with the parent(s), not run around the store.

I was in the store with my (then) baby one day, and some stupid kids decided that throwing some kind of large nut over the shelves into the next aisle would be fun. One landed right next to my baby in the cart, inches from her head and inches from my nose! Where are their parents? Who knows?

I think I read that some group voted those shoes one of the most dangerous new toys, and it's not hard to see why! It seems that everytime I see one of these kids rolling by in the store, they are looking everywhere but where they are actually going!
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These are a fad in my daughter's school right now. Kids aren't supposed to use the wheels on the school grounds, but they do it anyway. Why do the parents let their kids wear those shoes to school?

Thank goodness my daughter doesn't want a pair. I told her she'd have to wear a helmet if she has them on, maybe that's why she doesn't want them!
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I almost fell over a few children skating all around in Target last weekend. No parents were in sight.
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My neighbor's daughter cam over yesterday and she was wearing a pair. However her and her brother both play hockey so they probably are more careful than most (plus their parents would yell at them!!) I havent seen any kids in public places wearing them but I would probably have a few words to say to them!!
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Lots of kids have them here. I about got smacked in the face at Walmart yesterday while walking past a lady whos kid came zooming out from behind her with her arms stretched. My nephew has them but my MIL is very strict with him about rolling around. I hope the trend ends soon I really do. I mean cool idea, but they are not appropriate for every place.
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They're just starting to become really popular around here.

The other day I saw a kid rolling around the grocery store in them, and I freaked because I thought I was going crazy for seeing someone "glide". Then I realised what it was.

I thought most stores didn't allow roller skating?
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Yes, they do that here too.

But the kids who are acting like that will act like that with or without wheels. I don't know how many times I've been almost bowled over by a couple brats playing chase or whatever in a store, weaving between legs and carts and baby strollers, with no parents in sight.
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Right now (until i officially have my new job) i work at a grocery store- most of the time i run the floral dpt. but i also cahsier when they need me. OMG I can't tell you how many kids go skating all throughout the store on those stupid things! It's soooo annoying! Not only annoying but also dangerous! I do not think they should be allowed to have them at all- let alone in a grocery store where they could trip someone or hurt themselves. It's just not wise. Those things are sooo dangerous- not to mention, kids who use them don't wear helments or elbow/chin/knee pads with them so if they fall they could really get hurt- they're not safe. If i had kids i would NEVER allow them to have those- let alone be rude and go skating around in a grocery store.
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Hehe, I went to take a nap for an hour and came back to 15 replies! Goodness, I am glad that I am not the only one. The "heelies" seem to be on four out of five children here.. three out of five act in that manner. I don't think there's an issue with the shoes (except that it encourages them to skate..give a kid a toy and they're going to want to use it), but the parents really need to see that it's not only dangerous (and annoying) to the people around them, but really, I think it's dangerous for the children themselves. If they're doing this in a store, I can't imagine that they're not doing it on streets, and parking lots.. and at least around here, people in cars are just not as careful as they should be.

I definitely think the idea is cool, and I probably would have wanted a pair when I was a kid, and I may or may not have gotten them.. ( always wanted an easy bake oven and a dollhouse, never got that) but my mom definitely would not have allowed me to skate around.

There's a big difference, too, in skating through some place at walking speed, while with your parents (although after being exposed to them in misuse..it's just too much too, hehe), and completely another to be off on the other side of the place skating circles around the perimeter while your parents are on the other side. I just don't understand why they aren't taken in hand.

In both of those cases, I saw absolutely no one around for them, and the children I saw several times, and still.. never saw a parent. I've never seen anyone say anything to the children, or to the parents, and every time I go somewhere around here.. there are more children in heelies, acting inappropriately.

I guess it's one thing when it's annoying me, but I was so mad when they almost ran into that little old lady.. if she'd fallen, it would have been *so* easy for her to have broken a hip or hurt herself.

To be honest, I don't even know how it is that they achieve the speed that they do on those stupid little things. It surely would give me a hellacious cramp to be running about on my heels for extended periods of time... I guess I'm getting old! :LOL:
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Originally Posted by CatsAreBetter View Post
I don't think there's an issue with the shoes (except that it encourages them to skate..give a kid a toy and they're going to want to use it)
And that's exactly the point. Shoes should be shoes, not toys.
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I'm just honestly surprised that stores/restaurants haven't said, no skating even in heelies.. or what have you.
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I wish I had them, they are so cool
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Hehe, I wish I were just agile enough to pull off all those stunts I see them doing.. in a non-public place, of course! LOL, yeah, those were the days.
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Guess they must not be too popular around here I have heard of them but havent had any problems with kids wearing them.
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I don't know how much they cost, but a lot of people around here have really good incomes. So, perhaps they're expensive. I can't keep up with the salaries most of these people make, lol.
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I was gonna post about these today too!

I was in Wal-Mart and this little snot ran right into me!
She didn't even say sorry or anything.
Just turned and skated off!
My 9yr old wanted them but I won't let him have them.
I know he wouldn't listen enough to not do it in store...(At least I admit my son's a brat )

I have seen signs in stores that says "No Heelies Allowed"
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Heh, I totally need to get the stores around here onboard.
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My boss's spoiled rotten bratty grandchildren have those $%*^) things. She lets them go all over the salon in them, even during the busiest times. She thinks the little monsters can do no wrong. I wonder if she will think differently when one of them knocks down one of her clients or employees and she gets sued.
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You know, the sad thing is, I think before things start to change, it's going to take someone getting sued. I hear people say all the time, "people are just to sue happy these days" (and in some cases, I do agree) but yet, sometimes it takes something like that happening to change things.

OTOH, I guess that means I'll always have a job market..
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I hate those things. It seems like here almost every kid has them. I was in the grocery store aftre work with Lee last week and this kids was on a pair. His came flying past me and them slid on his knees on the floor in front of me. And then wouldn't move. I loudly siad EXCUSE ME!! and glared at his mother who quickly got him up but never apologized. Parents need to get their kids under control.
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I mean, I guess parents get tired sometimes... I know my ex-friend (and that's a whole other story).. she just got tired of dealing with her little boy, who wasn't particularly bad .. well, sometimes he was, but mostly was just high energy. And she just didn't have the energy to keep up. But I think part of it comes from them not knowing how to start correcting them at an early age, and getting ahead of the game, as it were. I mean, she wouldn't have had to spend nearly as much energy correcting him and chasing after him if he respected the word no as she did if she told him no and then he did whatever it was repeatedly anyway.

IMO, ultimately, it shouldn't matter as to whether they have the shoes or not, because IMO, they should have been told or taught that they can't use them as skates in certain areas, at certain times, et cetera.
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Originally Posted by CatsAreBetter View Post
IMO, ultimately, it shouldn't matter as to whether they have the shoes or not, because IMO, they should have been told or taught that they can't use them as skates in certain areas, at certain times, et cetera.
Sometimes they just need a spanking!
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I hate them too. Yesterday in the store the girls were skating along in front of their parents who think its perfectly fine. They make me nervous not just about gettiing clobbered by someone wearing them, but also because the kids could get really hurt especially since they're not wearing helmets. Kids on our street go barrelling down the hill with them and I'm just waiting to hear the ambulance. Fortunately, my kids don't want them. Yeah!
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