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My Cat has developed a weird spot on her nose (pics inside)

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I am new here

My cat is about 3.5 years old, and she has recently developed a blackish/brownish spot on her nose. It kind of feels like a scab and her lips seems to have a little discoloration as well.

Does anyone know what this is? Here are 3 photos showing how it developed over the course of about 4 weeks.

Her name is Willow.

Thank you,

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I don't have a clue , but I would have the vet check it asap .
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I agree, vet check needed ASAP!
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That's weird, I would have the vet check it out. Does you cat go outside? It could be some sort of fungus or something. My cat developed weird little pimple bumbs on his nose this past fall. The vet said it was probably an irritation from something outside. He put him on atibiotics and it cleared right up. Good luck and keep us posted.
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I agree - have a vet check this out. Your kitty is very pretty.
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What a gorgeous kitty! I agree that you should take her to the vet, if only to rule out something serious and to get her whatever medications she might need. Good luck and let us know what he says!
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Thank you for all of the kind comments. I am shocked that this has not been seen before or that is could be common.

I'll have a vet check it out this week.

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aww just coming to this thread, sorry that doesnt look very nice, has Willow done anything that you can think of to cause it ? Does she scratch it at all, or does she show signs of it irritating her?.......umm, well as already mentioned a trip to the vets is the best option !
She is an adorable cutie

and do keep us posted !
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Willow is gorgeous! The problem with skin leisions is that they are hard even for a vet to diagnose. Most of the time they even have to do a biopsy. Many skin conditions will look the same or close to the same. Let us know what the vet says.
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I agree with others, this needs to be checked out by a vet and they will probably need to do a skin scraping on it. Skin lessions can be maddening.

Personally, I'd guess ringworm and if you have a black light handy, shine it on his face and see if it flouresses. About 50% of ringworm cases show up with a black light.
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I had no idea about the black light, will remember that info!

Do let us know what they vet says about your pretty kitty!
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Originally Posted by PaulaS View Post
I had no idea about the black light, will remember that info!
It's not a definitive diagnosis as it only works with certain types of ringworm (apparently there are multiple versions of it). But it's a quick way for a vet to narrow down the problem. If it does flouress, many vets diagnose it right there and start treatment.
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Awww Willow is gorgeous. Poor sweetie, looks like it definately progressed. Hopefully a vet can diagnose it.
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It's probably some type of feline dermatitis. A few years ago one of my cats had dermatitis on the back of his upper leg. An injection of something (I can't remember what) cleared it up. The vet told me that it could also occur on the cat's lips or nose and to keep an eye on the cat in case it reoccurs. She said it could be caused by stress.
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Aww Willow is gorgeous! I don't know what it could be but I hope she's okay! Please let us know what the vet says.
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Hi. Please check with vet possible brown recluse spider bite. Can be horrible if it is and cat will be in pain. Very important to get on anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic ASAP. Also mediciine called Zenequin is recommended. Please check for spiders in house.
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Willow is very pretty, I hope she is feeling better soon.

I am sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi for her.

Keep us updated on what the vet says.

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First of all, your kitty is adorable! What an irresistible face, even with the little bump .

From my experience, when Garbanzo gets spots on her nose it's because she's been rubbing too hard on the door to get in/out. But I agree with everyone else: take her to the vet and see what the professional diagnosis is.

Best wishes for you and kitty!
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I hope Willow's nose gets better soon. I'm interested in what the vet says. BTW, you can usually rent black lights from pet stores.
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Sorry to revive this thread.

My cat has this similar spot too.

I've been google around and can't find out what it is.


What it's turn out to be?

and how's your cat doing?

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My cat also has this at the same spot too.. Did anyone find out what it is? It will be very helpful.. thanks a lot..

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Sorry to revive this old thread,  but I think this information might help other people who are wondering the same.


My cat developed a dark spot that looked like a mole over a few days. At first ,I was so surprised that I don't remember he had a mole at that spot before. 

Then I looked at old photos just a week earlier to confirm that It wasn't there before.

I took my cat to the vet and she basically scratch it off.

She said it was a bacterial infection and after a week of antibiotic he was fine.


Hope this help. This may not be the case with your cat.

If you are searching for this , take your cat to the vet asap.

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My 20 year-old cat developed a smudge/scab in his nose in the exact same location as Willow. In fact it started out looking the same and within weeks it looked just like Willow's nose. We suspected that it was a bacterial or fungal infection, so we dabbed his nose with a general antiseptic (diluted Nolvasan) 3x a day for 4 days. Initially we did not see any change, but on the fifth day the (what we now believe to be) scab fell off on its own, revealing new healthy skin underneath. Still don't know for sure if it was an infection or just a scab from a wound, but it's gone now!

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My 17 year old cat gets something that looks like this on his nose all the time, but it's dried food.  He's not grooming himself as well as he once did, the food gets caught up in his fur, and becomes one with the fur and skin on his nose.  It looks like he has a scab.  Every few days I gently scrub his nose with a wet soft wash cloth, and his nose is back to being clean and pink. 

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Sure is a pretty cat. Good luck!
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