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Clicking Bengals?

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I have now had two Bengals that "clicked". I thought, when I had Tavi, that she was unique in this. I'm wondering, though, if it isn't the ALC heritage in them?

The clicking sounds much like .. if you've seen the movie "Signs" they sound like the aliens did when they came across the walkie-talkies. It's a rapid succession click or vocalization that has absolutely no trill or meow in it. Tavi seemed to do it when she was "hunting" and mostly Joyeux seems to do it when she's calling, although I did catch her "hunting" today and clicking.

Has anyone else got Bengals or cats in general that do this?
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Many cats click ... sorry but it is not just the bengals ... lol... My dlh does it ....
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Oh, cool. I've never had any other cat that clicked. Just the two Bengal kittens. Khan doesn't do it.
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Are you talking about the teeth chattering? Ling sometimes does it when watching birds out the window. She's a mixed breed barn kitty
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Our Myah does it. I click right back at her and we'll get a conversation going for a bit. Myah is a Serengeti. Surely it represents "wanting" something like teeth chatering does because she does it when she wants to play.
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Well, it's sort of hard to describe. It would be much like the teeth chattering, but of course, deeper. Mine sounds exactly like the aliens on the movie, Signs, when they come across the walkie-talkies. Both of them sounded exactly alike. I was shocked when I heard Joyeux do it. I thought when Tavi died that I just wouldn't ever hear that again (since I've never heard it before) also sort of sounds like when you wind up a wind-up toy..but deeper and louder, of course.
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I wonder if one picked it up from hearing the other one do it.
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We got Joyeux after Tavi died, but they're both Bengals so I thought perhaps it was a Bengal thing, but Khan is a Bengal, and he doesn't do it. Neither of my other two do it (both non-Bengals). Hehe, love my classification.. Bengal and non-Bengal, the new grouping of cats. J/K.

I don't know.. it's very odd to me. In all the cats I've known, all the cats people I know have known.. no one's ever heard it before. Tavi was the first, and I thought she was unique.. but then we got Joyeux and she started doing it..we've been saying that she's channelling Tavi, because she does that and a few other things that Tavi used to do.
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It must have something to do with hunting. Princess used to do this when stalking, and she was a DSH. I've never heard it from Patches or Puppy though.
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i have 2 cats that click , normally when they see a fly or a bird they will do the clicky thing lol
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Ahhh, good, I'm glad to know that more kitties do it. It was one of the things that made Tavi unique to me (among her other amusing personality traits), and I'm really glad that Joyeux does it too.

:watches as Joyeux goes springing across the desk: I wish I had that much energy!
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My bengal chirps and when he cleans himself he snorts its quite hilarious.. alittle off topic just reminded me of that lol..
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Hehe, love the Bengals, they're a riot.
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