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I'm proud of me~ Yukiko

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I'm a cutie!!!

The story:

This is a cat I rescued. Amazingly enough, she was exactly what an exotic shorthair breeder friend of mine wanted for his domestic cat - to show under HHP (yes, we are addicted to cat shows!)

Her name is Yukiko, and she must have some sort of pedigree blood somewhere - very rarely in Malaysia do you find this kind of color or tail!!! In pedigree terms, she would just qualify as a Japanese Bobtail and in that exclusive color class called Mi-ke which means Tri-colored.
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She's a cutie, Adilah!
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Wow!! Shes very purrty-and how lucky you were to rescue her
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Oh she is adorable!!! I love her little face!
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So cute!
I have a Japanese bobtail too!! Her name is Miko and she's from the streets of Japan.
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She's adorable.
Looks like she's ready to shoot some pool!
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Her new owner tells me she can jump like a ninja already! From the floor to the pool table! And the balls are 1/2 her size!!!
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She is gorgeous!! What a sweetheart!
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She's adorable!
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What a cutie-pie alright! I love her little puff ball tail.
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aww what a sweet little kitty! I'm so glad you rescued her and gave her a happy home.

Very adorable!
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Oh my word isn't she a little cutie pie!!
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It's Minnesota Yukiko! Setting up her next trick shot?

She is a cutie!
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swoon what a cute little thing!
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OH wow does she look ONERY!!!!!
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o my what a cutie
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very cute.
hmm but are you sure your friend is not using her to help in pool games?
she is so cute that no one would say anything if she jumped on the table and
just happen to push a ball or 2 in
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She looks VERY much like a Japanese Bobtail Color would be brown patched tabby calico. You have the stripes in the brown color as well as the red stripes
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she's gorgeous, love that little pixie face
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