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When Penelope found me, I spent 3 days saying names to her. None of them "looked" like her. Until I spoke Penelope. She looks like a Penelope!!

Maverick was a pre-planned name before we adopted him. But it fits. He lives up to that name in more ways than one!!
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I forgot to mention that Lucky was named that because, well shes lucky to be alive!! DH had to help her be born and I had to do some mouth to mouth on her.
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When my niece heard that I had decided to get a male cat she said "we can name him Chester".

I'm not sure where she got that idea but it was a good one because when I found the cat that I wanted he had a girl's name.

When the person at the shelter asked if I was taking him I said yes and his name is Chester.
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Chester is a cutie and that's such a cute story!!

I like how "Ben" was named 4BadCats!
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raven's name was chosen because he's black and raven just fits him.

nabu was named by a roommate in college. it's short for nabuchednezzar, who was one of the 3 that the one in the bible is based on. nabu is named after a crazy king. and it fits. nabu is crazy and acts like royalty. my roommate was a history and archeology double major.

stimpy was named by my husband. it was part of the agreement. i could bring him home, but the hubby got to name him. he picked stimpy because stimpy looks like he's smiling like the cartoon stimpy (of ren & stimpy).
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Both of my kitties were already named when they came to me and I didn't want to change their names after they were used to them.
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I don't go by looks at all...I would be the last person to name my black cat "blacky" .

I just think of something that I think resembles the cat, then boom there is the name.
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Ohh, Ben is such a cutie with his spotted back and fluffiness! What breed is he, or what mix?
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I don't name my guys any way in particular. They just seem to have names that stick. I named Petunia because she reminded me of the little girl skunk in 'Bambi'. My ex named Pepper and it just stuck I thought another name would be better for Pepper (and I can't for the life of me remember what it was now!), but Pepper just stuck.
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They kinda get named by what they seem to answer to.
heyu name from the apl was trisha, but answers to heyu and kitty. not to traisa
Eazy name on the coller said harry, but would turn and meow or stop what he was doing when i said eazy, thus his name is now eazy
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These are such great replies and stories!

My husband named his adopted stray Circe, but then we found out Circe was a boy, so he was named Oberon. He answers to Oberon and "oo" sounds, so his nickname is Toots.
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When I adopted my first cat it was in Central Park at an adoption fair and my friend went with me. It also happened to be the Israeli Independence Parade. So I thought to commemorate the experience i should name him a Hebrew name. My friend who came with likes to do impressions too and she always did this Mobster impressionof the rats in the subway and would say," Morty, you should have seen the girls jumpin and squelin' today, etc." So I named him Mordecai or Morty as I call him.
Then I got a three legged cat and I wanted to stick with the Bible-y theme sthat also encapsulated her three leggedness so my BF and I named her Trinity.
SO that is how they got their names and they are so fitting too. Except Mordecai wasn't evil he was actually a hero, which is opposite of Morty who is mischeif all the way.
This is a great thread though.
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Well.... Harley was our first cat, and John had just purchased his 1st Harley Davidson... and the name just kinda fit him perfectly. And then baby Davidson came along, and we just had to name him that because it just went together
It fits him, he's a monster
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
One of my sisters couldn't wrap her head around the fact that I named my black cat "Lily." She kept telling me "Lillies are white!" Cheers, from
Sis is wrong - lilies come in many colors.

We've named ours from themes - astronomy, mythology, flowers, rocks, gems, and minerals...

But the only hard fast rule we have followed is that all our white cats have "A" names. It started with Aloysius (aka Al-o-wishus or Cousin Al), Alouette and Ariel (sisters), and Alexander (with us for one very short week ).
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Julius is orange. It's a simple fact. We got him with a brother and sister (his brother was black, his sister a calico). I tried hard to think of something orange, and all I could think of was Orange Julius. He does fit it though, he is royalty after all

Spike came with his name from the shelter. We thought about changing it, but Spike just fits. However, we do call him Spikers quite often...

And for Daphne (our newest addition). She's orange too, but I wanted a name from the mythology book. The first day we had her she was very stand-offish and wanted nothing to do with us. When I read the story of Daphne I actually laughed out loud, it was perfect! She was a roman goddess or something. Anyway, another god (the names escapes me right now) fell in love with her from Cupid's arrow and kept following her around and annoying her. She got so annoyed with him that she turned herself into a laurel tree to avoid him! Now, Daphne loves to love up on us and play with us, so the name doesn't fit so much anymore, but now it's just stuck! However, we do call her Daphners too....
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I try to go with a name that fits the kittys personality. That is when the grandkids don't help me come up with names. Dianna was named for the Huntress, because she is such a good mouser, her pet name is Lady Dianna because she acts so regal and bossy. Annie's full name is Little Orphan Annie because we found her all alone in the horse pen, but most everyone calls her the bi-polar psycho kitty. Holly was named by the grandkids because we found her at Christmas. Sam's full name is Sam Wise by DH who is a Tolkien fan. Sissy was named for the lack of something better when I just had her and her brother from their birth, he was named Brother Bear. Spook we found close to Halloween and she was kind of shy of people but loved to sneak up on the other kitties and scare them so it just fits.
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my theme of the moment is Greek mythology, so I pick names from there, I'm starting to run out of decent girl names though! I've had a NASCAR theme as well as a biblical theme in the past
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
So I let her get to know our apartment, and at one point I just started calling her Ginger - it felt right, so it stuck! (I think it had to do with her fur coloring, as she has a lot of ginger tabby markings on her torbie coat.)
or maybe Betsy cause she is "the movie star" from Gilligan's Island.....she IS always ducking the dreaded paparazzi!

Originally Posted by Jenny82 View Post
Both of my kitties were already named when they came to me and I didn't want to change their names after they were used to them.
I think Chessy & Emily go so well together! They both sound British to me!

My LuckyGirl was named by my DH, who said she's lucky to have found us, as she was emaciated with no tail when we found was really Lucky Boots, as she has tall white "boots" on her back legs, but we would say "awww you Lucky Girl!!!" to her all the time, so it's LuckyGirl now. With Louie, I wanted an L name to go with Lucky, or at least something "lucky" related.... My DH's dear friend passed away from cancer, and his name was Louie Delmonte, his "mafia" name was Louie D-Boy....that's a joke among their circle of I named him Louie D-Boy. And it fits him perfectly.
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Originally Posted by LuckyGirl View Post

I think Chessy & Emily go so well together! They both sound British to me!
Thanks Heather! I've never thought of their names as British but I like it!
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I do admit I give my cats strange names. I named Scratch because she is always scratching the doorframes and when we were bringing her home the song Cat Scratch Fever was on the radio. Squee was named because she's always squeaking and chriping. I guess I name them after what they do.
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When I went to see my kitty for the first time, it was raining very slightly, it was just a misty day and it continuted to be misty when we left the shelter house to bring my girl home. I had had other names chosen for her but I finally named her after the weather that particular day...her name is MISTY.
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We don't have any themes or conventions, really. I have always understood that cats particularly like to hear sibilants and respond well to them, so that predisposes me to like such names, but basically our cats tell us their names when they're ready to -- certainly the current crew have. Prior to these, Gryphon and Nibs came to us at the age of 6, already named, and we wouldn't change them. Shasta, my old lady, was the only one I actively chose a name for -- full of sibilants
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