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Milky Win!

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Milky was choose in this site for the January Contest!...I hope can you see him on it!

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I voted for his Royal highness!
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Congrats Milky!
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What a cutie!! Congrats Milky!!
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WTG, Milky!!
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Congratulations Milky
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Way to go Milky!!!
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Congrats Milky!!! "TCS Star!!!"
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Yay for Hansome Milky!
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Way To Go, Milky!
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King Milky
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Congrats Milky you know you were in winner in Kitters and I's heart even without that distingueshed medal!! We love ya!!
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Congratulations King Milky!!!!
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, Milky, you sweetie!
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thank you Friends! for your kind words
Milky is so honoured by you and he´s so happy for this CLEANED Honour!...

Thanks again!
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