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I think something is wrong with my cat

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Hi, for about the past three months, my cat has been throwing up her food. It happens once in about three days and we took her to the vet about a month ago and they said that if it continues then to bring her back. She also seems like she's in a bad mood, like when we come to pet he she just does an irritated meow and walks away and lays down elsewhere.

Is something wrong with her? We are making an appointment with the vet tommorow. Is it something we should be worried about?
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Anytime a cat is throwing up for a period of time, it is cause for concern. Your vet will be the one to diagnose her correctly and be able to help her. Just be sure she stays hydrated as they loose a lot of fluid when they vomit. If you are using perfumed or clumping litter, you might want to switch to something less dusty and see if perhaps that helps?Sometimes the dust gets in the system and causes problems. Litterpine would be something to try if the retching does not stop after the vet visit. You can also elevate your cat's bowl off the floor a bit to help with this as well.
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I am glad you are taking her back to the vet. Like Hissy said, it's not normal for them to vomit on a regular basis. Some of the things you might want to discuss with the vet is a blockage, allergy to the food, or constipation.
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Hey guys, thanks for the help. I called up the vet and recommended we bring her in for a blood test, but instead he gave us some kitty good for 'sensitive stomachs' which might be the problem with our cat. She's very small, and maybe this will help. The vet said it'll take a few weeks before we start seeing whether or not this worked or not, and we should keep an eye out for her.

I'll keep you guys informed.
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btw, here's a picture of her

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She's such a beautiful kitty - please make sure you take real good care of her.

Let us know how it goes . . .
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