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how much food for a fat cat?

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Hi there,

my beautiful British Blue, neutered boy of 6 years old is pretty overweight at the moment. He weighs 7.7 kilos (17 pounds) and I have put him on a high protein, soft meat diet to try and bring his weight down. It is a new raw diet that I make myself and apart from the last 2 days where he has been off his food, he loves it.

My question is, how much do I feed him?

Some people say to feed him 4% of the weight you want him to be. So I have set his initial weight at 6 kg (13.2 pounds) which means that he eats 240 grammes (8.4oz) a day.
But others say to feed him 1oz per every pound weight you want him to be so that would be 13oz.

There is quite a difference and I don't want to underfeed him because of the dangers of hepatic lipidosis. Then again, if we base a cat's feeding habits on the number of mice they consume each day, typically 5, the total weight he should have is about 100-150 grammes!!!

So how much should I feed him?

thank you all!
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I'm having a similar problem estimating the amount of food Kolohe should eat. He currently weighs about 15lbs.6oz. I'd like him to lose about 2lbs. If I followed the recommendation of 1oz per pound of desired weight he'd be eating almost two cans of food per day. I know if he ate that much he'd gain weight, not lose. At present, I'm aiming for about 2/3 of a can of high protein, low carb food per day plus a small amount of dry as a late night snack. He seems to be doing well on that and is certainly in no danger of hepatic lipidosis. Good luck working out a diet for your boy.
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Typically raw feed cats eat about 4 ounces of food per day ... Yours is a bigger than ave kitty

You really should discuss all wt related feeding s with your vet
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I think the most important thing is to gradually decrease the amount of food that he is getting now. I don't remember the specific amounts, but that is what the vet told my mom to do with her overweight cat. If you change the amount of food suddenly it can cause problems. Checking with your vet first would be the best idea.
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