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I wake up before my b/f usually and when I come back in the room to get socks my fat lady have moved onto my side of the bed, using my pillow like a pillow and sometimes has a paw drapped over my boyfriend.

Then, to add insult to injury she usually looks up, smugly and sayd "Rrrroooow" and then lays back down.

I think the little cow is trying to steal my boyfried!

She has him wrapped around her little paw.
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Oh my goodness! lol too cute!!! Jasmine is the same way with Colin!!! I swear- she thinks he's her man toy or something Everytime he's around -she completly ingnores me (who happends to feed her thankyou very much!) and goes straight to her "boyfriend" lol.
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that because as the saying goes
men rule, chicks.. well never mind.

maybe men seem to warmer, its all that extra furr we have? heyu likes to sleep aganist my back, and eazy in my arm pit, or right next to head, normly with paw touching my arm or both. and i get a few little yeeps if i move him over a little.
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Well, a girls gotta have somebody to keep her warm at night, doesn't she?
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