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If you read about Twigs encounter with the great outdoors, then you'll understand what I'm about to tell you(it's under I"m a bad kitty mommy)
Three of the four claws are healing ok. the fouth one is really infected. We are now treating them with this cream that hopefully will help it, but if it doesn't the vet said the only other thing to do is remove the claw kind of like a declaw. I don't want that to happen. I thought he was doing so well, but I was wrong again. I'm so worried that I can hardly concentrate on this. Please can you send some kitty lovin's to Twigs paw so it'll heal like the others are?
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Good thoughts for Twig's paw from me and Ivo. Get better soon!
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Poor Twig! He's getting healing energy from me. CatSite Magic - do your stuff!
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I sure hope Twig gets better fast. However, if his foot doesn't heal, having one toe joint removed will be nothing like being completely declawed...AND...it is sure to feel better when it is healed than the infected foot feels right now.

So, don't panic over the surgery. He'll be okay if they have to do it! (But, I'll keep my fingers crossed that he heals on his own real quickly.)
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I hope it heals and the surgery wont be necessary. Did your vet give you some oral antibiotics for now? If not, you may want to ask if you can try it.
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sandie, he tried to give him presidone and amoxicillin. which wasn't working so the vet gave us a topical ointment that we have to put on his nails three times a day until it shows signs of improvement. if it doesn't then it'll have to be removed. I'm hoping this ointment works..... he wants us to put it on all the toes that were injured.
okeefecl, valanhb,and lotsocats thanks for the healing thoughts. I am stressed over this as I am the one who caused him to be this way.(accidently of course but still)
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