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I'm starting to think she's holding out for Christmas to get here before she gives birth. The pups are still moving around in there and now Shorty thinks she's a princess. She has a dog bed, a blanket, a new rug (she had an accident on the other rug), all the food she can eat, treats, walks, love and attention. Yes, sir, she is one spoiled puppy!!

I'm also paper training her while she's stuck in the house. I figured it would be a good thing for when the puppies come.
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I don't suggest paper training, Sorry! Dogs have a hard time telling the difference between peeing in the house in one place and not in the other. Some learn the location but not the paper so if you move the paper they just pee where the paper used to be. Also having her pee inside and outside is very confusing because they think they can pee inside and outside and may stop asking to go out at all and jsut pee inside. Why can't you take her outside?
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I take her outside during the day from the time I get up until I go to bed. She has accidents during the night, though. I call it paper training, but I use those puppy pee pads for nighttime when I can't get her out. The floor is tile so if she accidents on the floor it's no big deal. I leave the pad in the same spot everynight and so far she's not doing too bad. She's had 2 accidents on the floor. Meh. It's easy to clean.

The puppies have dropped. She grew very fat looking overnight. Now when she stands up you can just about feel her backbone and her tummy looks like it should be on the floor. If she doesn't have them soon, I'm taking her back to the vet.
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Sounds close!

Good luck!
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Called the vet to be safe. I think they are getting tired of hearing from me. LOL They said she can now go into labor anytime from now until 4 days from now. The tech said just because they dropped doesn't mean she has to go into labor now. She said to look for her milk coming out, heavy panting and some dogs have a change in behavour (sp). So, now I'm on the look-out for signs of labor. And if she doesn't have them by Tuesday at the very latest, I'm to get her into the vets no later then Weds. as she may need to be induced or given a c-section.
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Has her temperature dropped yet? I'm still not a fan of the paper training, crate training is your best bet, but you can probably hold off on that until the pups are born since she should not give birth in her crate as it would be too small. Speaking of which, do you have a whelping box for her yet? You'll need one now so she is used to it and will birth in it. You can buy or build one. They should have edges or bars that come in so that the pups can go under them and not get squished between the mom and the wall of the pen.


there is one persons, you see the bars along the edges? Those are what I was talking about. Good Luck and keep us updated!
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Alot of breeders reccomend a kiddy pool, as it's easy to clean. only problem with that is, the babies can still be squished.
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