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*911* Kitten Nail Split!

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I just got thru clipping my 3 month old kittens nails. I dont know how it happened but I just checked it and it looks as if the nail has split from where I clipped it, down to the vein area. It's not bleeding, hopefully it wont spilt to the root. Thats what i'am worried about. I hope hes not playing and it tears more!

PS: Is there a certain way to cut the nails!? At a certain angle or somethign?? I just cut straight across..

I just bought a $5 pair of kitten clippers, but it seems as though it isint sharp enough or something??
It leaves his nails very chipped looking, as if I have to file it. And Im sure it caused this tearing problem
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I actually hate clippers specific for animals. I prefer human nail clippers because they are sharp and they seem to work best. And there is a certain way to do it without it splitting. Best bet would be NOT to do it the same way you did last time and next time turn the clippers to cut the other way. It is really hard to explain what I mean without showing you. If you get the quick and it starts bleeding, wipe it off and dip the kittens claw in some flour to stop the bleeding.
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Human toenail clippers work best--they're sharpest and give you the most leverage. No kidding!

I think you could probably repair the nail the same way you do for human nails; but that would only work if your kitten will sit still for it while the glue dries... That's kind of iffy.
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Are you sure it's actually the nail splitting and not the outter sheath of the claw coming off? Cats that get their claws regularly trimmed sometimes have thicker claws and the bits of claw that normally comes off in scratching can look more like a big piece of the claw. If there's no bleeding don't worry My Sho has thick claws that do this all the time when I clip them, probably because he doesn't scratch on the post enough to shed the outter bits off all his claws.
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