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We've got a kisser!

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One of our foster babies, Rhapsody, is stealing our hearts by giving us kisses!

Here are some others of her affection:

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Ktty kisses are the best. My kitten starbuck loves giving kisses like that too. she loves kissing noses.
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Your kitty is sooooo cute!
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OMG those pics are absolutely adorable
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So precious!!
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Oh, those are so cute! We have a kisser, too- her name is Smoochie! (She was supposed to be a foster kitten, but 7 years later, she's still here! )
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Oh that is the prettiest little baby!! What a little angel!!
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awww.............such a cutie-pie................umm, sorry but you just have to post more photos of that little cherub
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o my what a cutie, that is sooo precious
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Isn't she a little angel!!!, awwwwwwww
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Adorable!! I couldn't give that one up!!
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Awww!!! She's so adorable!
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Oh my, I'd have to keep that little sweetie! She'd melt my heart!
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Those are adorable! Great photos!
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My log Lena is licking Rhapsody! So cute!!!!!

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