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The simple things...

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Natalie's thread about being content made me think, what are the little things that make you happy? for me...

I love going to Chapters (books store) and grabbing a tea and reading a good book while listening to the local talent or a writer reading excerpts from their book

Not having to wake up before 7am and snuggling with Matt and the kitties in the morning

A candlelit bubble bath with music and no cats trying to drink from the bathwater

what are the little things that make you feel content, even on a bad day?
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I really love to read. I have been able to read back to the pace I have been since I graduated. It is the one thing that allows me to escape reality.

I also love being able to sleep in until 8:30 or 9.

Lexi is one of the few bright spots in my life so I really am glad she entered my life.
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My bed, piled with kitties & doggies...and me, of course!

When Ophelia stands within 6 feet of another cat without her hair sticking up, growing, &/or snarling.

A fresh, untouched, snowcovering.
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Cuddling with John on the couch

Seeing Harley & Davidson playing together, or sleeping together

Not getting bills or rejection letters in the mail

John giving me a random kiss, or telling me he loves me


Going shopping alone and being able to wander around the store for however long I want to

Driving home, and being able to see my whole family everyday, its a feeling like noneother!
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Good thread Ethine

Waking up to Sev's little face in my face when he think's I've slept too long.

My first cup of coffee in the morning

When my Daddy calls

When DH calls during the day just to see if I'm okay

Sunday mornings with DH drinking coffee and reading the paper.

Having my kitties around me.

Being surrounded my Bella's blankets, toys and pics.
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Scratch's daily inventory of all the cat food in the apartment. He starts off by opening the cupboard the cans are in and laying on top of them. He'll then force his fuzzy behind into the hall closet to look up at the bags of dry food.

8-Bit's paw to the face wake up.

Micheal's ability to make me laugh, even when I'm in a bad mood.

My Mom calling.

The chocolate bar that I've be hiding in the refrigerator.

String Cheese.
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There are so many things that make me happy, I can't list them all...but a few are:
Beautiful sunsets, the kind where the sky explodes with orange, pink and blue. The sound of almost absolute quiet, with the exception of birds chirping or trickling water such as a stream.
Fishing on a lake in the late summer, early fall, no bugs, sitting on a pier with loons calling.
Sleeping in definitely makes the cut. Waking upearly, doing a few things such as pet sitting calls, and then going back to bed is nice with kitties curled in around me purring...
Nature in general.
Comments from my friends on Myspace
A hot cup of coffee on a snowy Sunday morning, knowing I don't have to go anywhere except my couch to sit and look outside all day.
A glass of wine in front of a fireplace with someone special beside me.
Patchwork quilts, especially blue and white ones.
My "sick" blanket, which I use to curl up in, only when I'm sick.
Chicken dumpling soup. My mom's recipe. Seriously, it's the best.
This farm house and land I drive by on the freeway occasionally. I want to live there. But even though I can't, it makes me happy just to look at it.
Flowers, especailly lilacs.
See, I have to stop now, there are way too many things!
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Colin smiling at me- he always makes my heart melt when he smiles It's the sweetest thing.

My furbabies being SOOOOO excited to see me when i get home from work- it really makes me feel loved and appreciated knowing how happy they are to see their mommy

Lighting a yummy candle and just relaxing....

Bubble baths with candlight everywhere and the jets on- always makes me relax after a long day of work.

Designing- i love being able to make beautiful designs that people are always so excited about- there's nothing better than watching your work bring a smile to someone's face

Spending the day with my sisters/ nieces and nephews- when i have a day off- i will usually go get one niece or nephew at a time (i have 8 nieces and nephews and 2 great nieces i can't take them all at once) and i'll just spend the day with them- we'll got to musuems, parks, you name it- and at the end of the day we usually go to the grocery store then back to my house to make something yummy for dinner/dessert- i love teaching them how to cook and just spending time with them.

Sleeping in and waking up without an alarm.

Lilies and Tulips

Cosmopolitan and my other favorite magazines

Some of my coworkers- they're just the best group of people you could ever want to be around- they always put a smile on my face and make me laugh- i love working around them- i definitely cant say that about other places i've worked at. We all get along really well.

Getting all dressed up for a night out- i LOVE picking out the right outfit and doing my makeup and hair It's just sooooo fun and girlie

My GORGEOUS guitar- i could sit around at home all day long and just play/sing to my hearts content

Hearing my great nieces Kaitlynn and Alexandrea laugh- they have the sweetest voices, they're just soo innocent- i love to watch them play together and just laugh and smile - they're the most happy little girls

Cooking- it's very makes me happy. I've just recently got into cooking so i'm learning all sorts of fun new recipes and love trying out new things.

My best friend Renae
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Freshly washed sheets and bedding on the bed, and curling up with the kitties at my feet and a nice book.

A favorite song on the radio while driving in my car.

Staying up late on Friday night after a long week at work...and knowing I can sleep in a bit on Saturday morning.

Watching my students at school finally "get something"...and seeing that little light bulb go off in their brain, and their self-esteem soar.

That first cup of coffee in the morning, after a hot and refreshing bath.

Getting dirty in my garden in springtime, and planting those first peas in March!

Plunking down on the couch after an exhausting cleaning spree, and looking at my house in satisfaction.

Sharing a hot meal with my husband and son, and enjoying watching them eat it with gusto!

Watching my dogs leap around in the snow in the backyard, or taking Melvin out for an early evening walk.

Lots and lots more! It's the little things that really matter each day. I love life, although it's been difficult at times, as it is for everyone. I derive great pleasure from small things, and the little comforts of my home and family.
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1. Reading
2. Having a nice hot bubble bath
3. Watching Squee and Scratch cuddle & groom each other
4. Painting, drawing, and photography
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I have that chocolate bar in the freezer for when I really need it too
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I think I am happy just to be alive.

I am happy that I have a great husband, two wonderful kids, a wonderful daughter-in-law, a wonderful son-in law, I have Opie, two wonderful grandpuppies. And I have many wonderful friends, my online friends, and my real life friends.
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Talking on the phone with my brother.

Not having any cats who are dying. Better yet, no cats even on medication.

Going out junking with my friends and making a real find.

Having whatever I develop a craving for in the refrigerator.

Getting cards from my buddies in the mail.
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Sleeping in
Having a day off work
Getting phone calls or emails from my friends
Having Emily and/or Chessy come over to me
Hugging my DH
Hearing a good song on the radio
Going to my parents house for dinner
When my DH cooks dinner or does the dishes
Watching a good tv show
Reading a good book
Lighting a candle
Having a glass of wine
Going to bed after a long day
Planning a trip or vacation
Going somewhere new
Giving someone a gift
Spending time with friends

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Hanging out in bed watching a movie or reading with my boyfriend and the cats.

Rain on the roof at night.

Lying in a tent when it's raining.

Flipping through magazines or art books with a friend

Having my hair brushed.

Getting into a really good book that I just can't put down.

Sharing a bottle of wine or taking a long walk with a good female friend, discussing everything under the sun.

Walking around with my discman/Ipod listening to my favourite music.

Walking around the neighbourhood with my boyfriend discussing other people's homes and gardens. What we like, etc.

Driving/walking around exploring other countries/cities.

Planning a really good meal.

Eating salty foods, like olives.

I used to really enjoy sketching, but haven't done it since university.
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-I also love going to Chapters and having a chai latte while reading magazines.

-The new morning ritual Trout and I have, complete with purring, cuddling and so much furry love

-Another simple thing I enjoy is eating

-And of course sleeping in on the weekend!
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Like so many of you, I have a long list of things that I enjoy...but for now I will list only a few cuz I need to get goin'...

One thing that I could always count on to make me happy was...ICE CREAM!!! No matter how awful of a day I'd had ice cream just melted everything away.

Of course, now that I'm lactose cream is out of the question...gotta find something else to take its place y'all!

Be back later with more...
Hilda >^..^<
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.....When the kitties sleep with me

.....When I don't have clinicals in the morning

.....the thought of graduating in 83 days

....having a day off
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starting a new day

hugging my husband, daughter, and kitty Lily

rainy, stormy days with everyone at home, and a fire in the fireplace

seeing old friends

snuggling into bed with my husband at the end of the day
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