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Tom cat's spraying

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I have 2 female cats that are spayed, they are outdoor cat's but do come inside to eat and what not.
Recently we have a few tom cat's ahngign around our house who happen to be male's theya re spraying the car's, yard, front door, everywhere. We ahve caught them doing so.
Its really getting frustrating, as the smell is horrible. Im not sure what to do.
I know its not our cats for we have never had a problem with this until recently.
Is there anything i can put out to make the cats go away, if i bring them inside for awhile will the male cat's go away?

Please HelP!!!
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Besides call animal control or talk with the owners I'm not sure what else you could do.
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The only real way to stop them is to trap them and neuter them. It is that time of year when intact males are hunting for females and marking their territory, and nothing you can do will stop them, even though your own cats are spayed.
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In my experience, uninvited cats are successfully expelled by resident cats (whether fixed or not). Your females do not mind the toms' visits? It sounds like they don't, then you will have to trap and neuter the males or ask assistance from your nearest TNR group (eg. Alley Cat Allies has a list in their website).
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I live in a rural area and I have tom cats spraying around the house and the shrubs all the time. One can clean the house and doors to remove the smell but can't do much about the shrubs. I think the problem gets compounded as one stray will smell the other's urine and then mark that spot with his urine. You could get a black light to finds all the spots to clean.
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When tom cats spray around your home it is because they are trying to "claim" that area as their own. They are trying to tell other cats that your house is covered, and your girls are theirs. Silly, but true.
The only way to stop cats from spraying around your home is to eliminate the smell and hormones in the spray.
At most agricultural stores there is something called Stone Soap. You mix it with water and spray it around your house where you think the cats may be spraying. If you can't/don't want to look for that, usually rubbing alcohol will do the trick.
The reason it will work is because the cats will not smell the spray anymore and will not feel the need to cover that territory. The only reason they spray is because another cat has.
And neutering a cat will not completely stop them from spraying. It doesn't take away the part of their body that sprays, it only reduces the amount of testosterone they create, and the need/instinct to spray when another cat has. They can start to spray again even after having them fixed. Even female cats can/will spray.
Seriously, your best bet is to spray around your house with the soap or rubbing alcohol, then hose everything down really well. And try not to let your girls outside where they can tempt all the Toms ;}
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