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mentally exhausted

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so after the past few months of job switch, and ill cats I just feel so out right now. I had rough day at work just cause I am new and really can;t do much there yet and I hate feeling like "the lazy one" as I am asking every so often now what and get a two minute job and have to go ask for another. due to anxiety issues I really can't do anything on sales floor(heart races the minute I have to do anything out of my comfort zone. when I have free time at work I start thinking of my rb cats and just get more depressed... Have off tomorrow(just plan to sleep really-shopped for cats other day) Past few months has been a one after another time. And I miss my babies so much. I hate when you get it was just a cat and it lived long enough or get another-they are all so different I have had cats who share a few traits but none of them are doubles and it gets me so upset. I keep thinking of how I should have known sooner they were sick...jsut can't catch evertyhing as soon as if i only had a few cats(then i think maybe I am so wrong to have ANY let alone 24,, would they be better off somewhere else. I mean theya re so loved and vet wise taken care and all fixed. OK sorry for this little rant I just had to tho.
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It is always hard when a pet passes away. it really seems like you did everything you could. I had a job that kept me really busy too and I had a cat that got sick and ended up passing away. This was in 2003 and I blamed myself for not catching that she was sick sooner too. It took me time to stop blaming myself for not catching my cat's illness fast enough. As much as we love our pets we can not provide 24-7 care to them. We have to do things like work and sleep wether or not we want to. Sometimes there are things in life that we can not control and our pets becoming ill can be one of those things. As hard as it is to do this please stop blaming yourself for your loss. Try to focus on the fun memories of the time you had with your cat. You will never forget about your cat but the pain and blame will be replaced with memories of the good times you shared.

Hugs to you.
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