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Don't hate us

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It's currently 59F here in north Texas and we had sun today. Cats and I went out and sat in a lounge chair. It was wonderful! No sun in forecast for tomorrow but temps in 60's. I do hope we've already had the "out like a lion" thing. Don't forget we switch to DST earlier this year, the 2nd Sunday in March.
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Yeah, well we're gonna have above zero lows & maybe 30F here!

Enjoy the warm weather for me, will ya?
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Sounds like a wonderful day in Texas!!!
My cats are jealous of the warm temps and outside time!!
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Tomorrow is going to be a balmy 0 degrees here!! I am so excited
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they are saying 5 degrees by wednesday.... stupid me just got her car washed... it's gonna be sloppy
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Low 70s here in Tucson, with a few clouds and some spits of rain. I've had my door open all day and am in T-shirt sleeves.
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It was above freezing today and sunny and we should be in the low 60s by this weekend!
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It is still supposed to be -2c here tomorrow, but compared to the -20s lately I am happy

By the end of the week it is supposed to be +10c ~does happy dance~
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I am enjoying the warmth and sun right along with you!! And tomorrow is even going to be warmer~ They say close to 70*....
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Well... it was about 40 here today... but.... we're supposed to get 6-10 inches of snow on SUNDAY!!!!!
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That's pretty cool for Texas, but I guess it's normal for north Texas? The temp where we are is between 40-70 Farenheit year-round, which is wonderful and cool and I love it. It was 9 Celcius here today (38 Farenheit) but we had alternating sunshine, sleet, rain, and wet snow.

I can't say I miss those central Texas summers at all..

Cheers, from
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