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Finally Getting speyed

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I am back again and here to say Tayla is finally getting speyed. It has been a long and tedious journey but I will now and always have a life long friend
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Awww hope she heals up quickly. Sounds like a story behind this I missed
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I hope Tayla recovers well from her spay.

Maybe this is the original thread? http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=111056
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Yeah definitly a story I will explain later
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Well she was pregnant several times but had miscarriages. The vet originally said to breed her a two which was last year but went in heat so many times we started early. We planned to get her speyed but that week she went into heat and the vet said she didn't want to do it. So the day she would have gotten speyed she went oout but she ate so we could'nt take her. Now she is going to be speyed March 1 plus I get to watch!
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