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The life and death of Tavi; a long post.

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This is, as I'm sure all of them are on this forum, a sad tale. I'm sure it's particularly more upsetting to me than anyone else, perhaps with the exception of my domestic short hair, Noel.

I know there's a forum for other animals in the house, but since this directly pertains to Tavi's death, I'm going to tell the tale here, and how Tavi came to be jerked suddenly from our midst.

About two years ago, our family was going through a period when we were dealing with the loss of two of our aunts, who were both dying of lung cancer. They died within a few months of each other. At this time, we lost our little ghost kitty, GypsyMoth, to some unknown health illness after spending a fortune at the vet, she finally had to be put down. This left us with Noel, and a rescue/foster, Asha. Asha had been here for awhile but never did fit in and finally went to her new home, where she's been happy ever since.

Enter Shere Khan and Bagheera. Since we were particularly overloaded with loss, I decided to put a deposit on one cute Bengal kitten that my sister had seen and fallen in love with on a breeder's website. I paid for him in secret, and only finally told my nephew the day we went to pick him up. We showed up at my sister's office, and called her and said come downstairs (and she about fainted). So, Khan joined our family. We established a good relationship with the breeder. A few weeks later, we added Bagheera (the Mau).

The next month, my second aunt died, and our very old dog, Boonehaven (boonie) was one paw in the dirt, poor guy. My sister saw an ad on craigslist for a Great Dane, for a small donation. She asked my nephew and I what we thought about it, and I said, I wouldn't mind getting another dog. The ad said, small training issues, unable to keep her because we're unable to walk her and she pulls on the leash. Small donation to help with rescue work of other animals. We called, made an appointment and went to see the dog. We got along with her (the dog) well, asked how much the donation was... to find out the woman wanted $400 for an unpapered dog, with vet records that ended up never being produced, and no history. Given the dog's state, and the fact that my nephew and sister had already fallen in love with her, we ended up taking the dog home. The woman said, she's great with kids (mine sleeps on her), great with cats (ours walk all over her), great with people (loves everybody), and is great with other dogs. Her issues are she tears apart her stuffed animals, and she's a bit possesive about her food, but that's the only thing. The woman blatantly lied about this dog.

We got the dog home. We ended up naming her Elisa. She was a clown, much like Scooby Doo. Several weeks later (and a bit off the timeline) Boone ended up being put down due to his rapid decline in health. But back to the story. She (Elisa) snapped at one of our cats, and was showing some aggression. My dsh, Noel, who is the "moderator" of the house, and has long been established as the matriarch, took about two days before she chased the dog down, and established exactly who the alpha in the house was. The problem seemed to be fixing itself, but I still worried about them. I monitored the dog while she ate, and when she was doing anything that I thought might be an issue.. I was informed by my family that I was overreacting, and that I just hated the dog. I was informed that indeed, she was not *my* dog, and I had absolutely no control over her. I was only being this way because I didn't have any control and I simply a control freak.

The dog continued to snap at the other cats occasionally, and I was petrified. We started employing Ceaser's methods of getting her to submit. She was always out to be the alpha and no matter how much work, we were unable to remove her from that position in her mind. She was exceptionally strong willed (and it didn't help that nephew and sister helped to keep that established in her head). The issue seemed to calm down, and the dog was making progress. Slowly, a lot of her issues were resolved.

After she snapped at my son, who doesn't live with us, and nailed him in his face, I wanted to get rid of the dog. To me, at this point, my relationship with the adopted parents of my son, and my son was in jeopardy. My sister and nephew refused. "She's got issues, I'm positive she didn't intend to bite him, she's getting better, etc." They flat out refused, and completely overrode me again. Fortunately, the adoptive parents didn't flip out, and I still get visitation and my son isn't afraid of dogs or more seriously traumatized by the entire event.

Shortly thereafter, the Bengal breeder called me and told me that she had a male that had come back to her for inappropriate pottying. We told her we'd attempt to rehabilitate him for her since she was unable to work with him properly, and after several months, and tons of research, and talking to behaviorists, we established that it was marking behavior. And he was not getting along with the other cats, in addition to marking, so the breeder said bring him back, I'll keep him here, and I'd actually like to show him since he's show quality. (That's the short version of his story.) When we got him back there, she said, you know, I have this little girl. Her coat is flawed. I can't sell her, and I don't have space to keep her. I don't want to advertise her as free, because I don't want someone to take her and try to breed her, and you just never know what might happen. Would you be interested? And, of course, once we saw her, we fell in love. Enter Rikki Tikki Tavi.

Tavi very quickly became the household kitty favorite. She had so much personality the house just bursted with it. I used to come home every night and laugh and laugh and laugh at her antics. Hours and hours of playing and amusing herself with whatever little bit of something or other held her fascination for that moment. We had to put *everything* up, because she was a thief and a packrat. She wouldn't get up on a table, but she'd stretch her little self up, parascope her neck just like the mongoose she was named for, and spy whatever it was that she wanted, and swipe it, play with it, and eventually packrat it into one of her hoardes. She's got several around here that I still havent' had the heart to open up and retrieve all the stuff from. Every morning, it was a ritual now, she'd jump up on my bed at 7:15, and wake me up. She was starting to nip a little, and she was getting very possesive of me. She was definitely my cat, even though she spent time with everyone. One of her very unique traits was that she'd "click" when you played with her. If you've ever seen the movie "Signs", she sounded like the aliens that came over the walkie-talkies. That very same clicking noise. She was such a unique little girl. She and Noel were so close. They were always together.

Anyway, one of her things was she had a taste for dog food. I don't know why. Bagheera did too. One day, I was here by myself.. nephew at work and sister was at a doctor's appointment..and I'd just fed Elisa. I was monitoring her, as I always did for fear that my cats would come to harm, but I had my back turned because I was washing the cat dishes in the sink. I was still watching the dog and the entrances to the kitchen, mostly the entrances, because I'd made sure that all the kitties were out of the room.

I saw Tavi come in, and she simply walked past the dog.. and I just sensed that something was going to happen, so I turned around. Just that quick, Elisa turned on her, and started to chase her across the kitchen. Tavi's little feet couldn't get any purchase on the tile floor, and thankfully, neither could Elisa's. I grabbed Elisa's collar, but given her zigzag pattern (following Tavi's slipping trail across the floor), she pulled away from me. I tried again, and missed her collar. Finally, I just tackled her. The dog was *not* in her head. Tavi escaped out the kitchen door, as Elisa was pinned to the ground, still struggling to get at Tavi, with me on top of her (which, I'm sure, triggered memories of her sexual abuse that the vet said she'd suffered, given that I was tackling her from behind). She turned and chomped my arm three or four times, fortunately didn't break through the sweatshirt, and then nailed my hand twice. It took Noel, who had been unable until this point to reach Elisa given the dimensions of the house and where we were, zipping around to the other side of this door and running up to Elisa and whapping her about 10 times to snap Elisa back to her senses, who immediately cowered, probably partially due to the fact that I was screaming at her, I admit.

I put the dog on the deck, closed the door and called my sister. I was told that I was exaggerating, as my hand was laid open, bleeding, and that she wasn't really chasing the cat across the house with the intent to hurt her. It wasn't said, but the implication was I did something to the dog that made the dog snap and bite me. She went to the store and got me bandages, and no matter how much I screamed and protested and stomped my feet, the dog stayed. Every time I'd bring any of it up, I was just dismissed as not knowing what I was talking about, and told this in a completely condescending tone. I kept saying that she was going to kill one of my cats. That, apparently, was a ridiculous thought. I harbored the idea of calling the pound and having her taken away, but I knew she'd be put down and I couldn't bear the thought of having that done to her. For all of her faults, it wasn't the dog who made herself that way. It was her previous owners. And honestly, it's a good thing they moved.. I probably would have been in jail by now for assault if they lived in the same location. Anyway, the dog stayed.

Slowly, she was getting better. I even thought she'd shown progress, although I still worried horribly about her hurting Tavi or Bagheera. Khan despised the dog and would ambush and attack her. She was frightened of Khan and respected Noel as dominent. We employed techniques of making her wait till last to eat to establish that the humans and the cats were dominent, and a ton more of Ceaser's techniques. They helped immensely.

By the way, she was horrible with guests, tried several times to go after the neighborhood children, and was extremely aggressive with any one who showed an ounce of fear, and other dogs. Forgot to mention that earlier.

In July, my nephew moved out, and went back to our hometown. My sister kept the dog, because he was supposed to be taking her with him, but as it turned out, he moved in with a girlfriend that had small children, and even though my sister was oblivious to the fact that he wasn't going to be able to take her... I said, when she mentioned it one day... You might as well give up on that thought, cause.. he's got small children in the house. We're stuck with this dog. She said, yes, I think that might be the case. There were a few more incidents where Elisa snapped at the cats, and I would correct her, and I was told (even though my sister was sitting right there) that indeed, the dog did no such thing. I just said, you know, if you paid attention to what this dog is doing, instead of sitting there oblivious with your nose in a book, you'd see that she's doing this. But, I guess that's not important because it's not your cat that's in danger. I just got more of the condescending commentary.

Thanksgiving time rolled around, and my nephew, and his new girlfriend and her newborn decided to come for a visit. My mother was here as well, and the dog was exhibiting signs of possesiveness with the baby. My sister was holding the baby, and Elisa was at her feet. Tavi walked near her, in her absolutely unafraid of anything Bengal manner.. and Elisa turned on her, snapped, and managed to get Tavi. Tavi flip flopped around for several minutes. I tried desparetly to put my hands on her and see if I could see anything, or do anything for her, to no avail. Noel was protecting her, and for the first and only time in her life, Noel in her protection for Tavi, scratched me every time I tried to touch Tavi, and then finally bit me. I had to tell her that it was all right, and reassure her so that I could examine Tavi. So, with blood dripping from my wounds, I was finally able to put my hands on Tavi, to see absolutely nothing. By this point, with everyone frantic and rushing around, Tavi had stopped moving. Becca, my nephew's girlfriend, had run and gotten the carrier, and we rushed her to the vet. I knew in my heart that she was already dead, but we tried to take her to the emergency room. They rushed her in, but it was just too late. Tavi was gone. The vet let me say goodbye, and they took her away to be creamated.

That precious little girl, I was responsible for her little life, and I wasn't able to keep her safe. I know it's self-defeating, but I feel so responsible. There are so many things that I could have done differently, like known better than to bring her into the household when the dog was here. Or, like tried to move out and take them to a home where Elisa wasn't a factor, but unfortunately I didn't have the money at the time. I guess, ultimately, I was selfish and it was brought about her death. I'm angry that the dog took priority over my cat. I still reasonably cannot blame my family since there were options I could have considered, but I guess the thing that gets me about it, other than the fact that my beloved baby is dead, is they were so condescending and snotty about that dog. I haven't even had the heart to call the breeder and tell her yet. I just don't even know how to tell her that the precious little one she left in my care died such a horrid death.

We've since found another home for Elisa, and we were completely honest about her, even to the point of telling the people she'd killed Tavi. She seems to be doing well there. They keep us updated occasionally.

Noel grieved and grieved, and wouldn't talk to anyone but me. She was furious with my sister, to the point that she wouldn't speak to her, or acknowledge her presence. I don't know if Noel picked up on my feelings of anger, or if she put the connection between the dog and my sister together. Two months went by before she'd have anything at all to do with my sister. We started immediately looking for another kitten, mostly for Noel. I knew I wasn't ready, although that horrible sense of loss needed to be filled, I just knew there wasn't anything to be done about it. We went to see a baby, put a deposit on her, and I just couldn't bring myself to be excited about her. Joyeux came home two days before Christmas. Noel interacts with her some, but they don't have the bond that Noel and Tavi had. As much as I love this new little girl..I have to remind myself every day that she's not Tavi, and I can't ever expect any cat to be like her. It's very difficult not to put that onus on her. She's a bright, beautiful little girl, but I'm still unable to bond with her because I just can't get over the loss of Tavi. She was such a special little girl. Where Noel is my comfort companion, Tavi was the one that brought overwhelming laughter and joy with her antics and personality. The house lost it's "life" when she was gone.

So, wherever you are, Tavi, know that I miss you terribly, as does Noel, and that if I would have known this was your fate, I would have done anything I could to have changed it. I'm so, so very sorry, little one. I hope you're in a happier place, where the loss doesn't affect you as it does us. Joyeux isn't your replacement, as you can never be replaced, but it helps our hearts a little and gives us an outlet. Noel, at least, is distracted.
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Loss can be so painful.
Tavi was truly loved.
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Oh, how heartbreaking. RIP Tavi
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Thank you, guys. She really was.
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I am so sorry about what happened to Tavi. Even though I don't know that dog, I can't help but feeling HATE for that dog. I know you said it wasn't the dogs fault she was vicious, but I can't help it, and I'm sorry, but I'm pretty mad at your sister as well. It's not your fault. I think your sister should have respected you enough to believe you, and understand your worries about that dog. I guess I blame HER for Tavi's death. She finally believed you, but it was too late for Tavi.

This is actually bringing tears to my eyes. I am just so angry in the way your family treated you. I don't think it was your fault at all. However, I know how you feel. But remember this: You gave Tavi a loving home and Tavi know she was loved, and she loved you back. She still loves you, and she will be waiting for you when it's your time to cross over the rainbow bridge.

R I P sweet Tavi and look done on your mother in between your fun and joyful antics at the Bridge.
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Thank you. I'm trying to deal with the fact that I blame my family too. I'm so upset with them, more for the condescending way they handled it than anything. I know that they loved the dog and wanted to give her every chance. I felt the same way, but it simply warred with the fear that she was going to injure one of my cats. I completely understand the way they *felt* that made them act that way, but it doesn't make it any easier to forgive them. It's really very complicated interaction with a lot of history behind it, and I know their championship of the dog stemmed from them honestly not believing that the dog would hurt the cats, wanting to believe the best of her, and the absolute denial that she wouldn't get over the issues she had.

I'm not a dog person. They definitely are. If the situation were reversed and it was one of my cats v. one of their dogs, I could completely see how I'd be just as defensive, but it doesn't make it any easier for me to be forgiving. I guess I'm just not a big enough person. It's difficult, she took my side, finally, about getting rid of the dog, and she agreed that it didn't fix it, but my nephew was furious about making the decision. His girlfriend backed us up.

The dog was really wonderful about 95% of the time. Once she got my son, however, I just didn't have the love for her that I once did. I never got past it from that point. I don't blame the dog, although I have to say, if I'd not put down the knife I was peeling and cutting potatoes with it's very possible that I would have killed her in that moment. I blame, ultimately, the woman who we got her off of. She lied about everything, and there were so many times that we were put into a situation by one of her lies that was potentially dangerous for us, for our other animals, for other humans, and for the dog that it was insane. She knew well and good that this dog was capable of these things, and blatantly lied about it. Elisa'd been sexually abused, confirmed by the vet, physically beaten, and truly was a rescue, although we didn't know it when we got her. So, I can't blame the dog for her behavior that was brought on by the humans that mistreated her. And we all honestly thought that she'd be put down if she was given away again. Fortunately, we were lucky and she went to a good home, where there were no small children, no small pets, and they were completely aware of her issues.

I still cry probably once a week over Tavi. Well, unless you count today when I posted, since I've been crying for several hours now.. I know it would seem silly to any one else besides a cat person, but I feel like I should go to grief counseling, lol. I feel totally guilty that I wouldn't grieve this much over my other three (two at that time). I feel like that's unfair to them, especially my DSH who not only protected me, but would be so desolate if she were ever parted from me. Bagheera, well, she's sort of a loner and while she's very sweet, she was a rescue of a nature too, is hand-shy and we just haven't developed that kind of bond, yet. That might come in the future.

Thank you, so much, for understanding, because that's exactly how I feel. I even think to myself it's irrational, but I haven't been able to get past it yet. Tavi did know she was loved. I know she was happy while she was with us..I have little hoardes of debris and various other small glittery objects to prove it.. my little thief!
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Oh wow, I wish I never read this.

I am so sorry about Tavi. May she rest in peace at the RB as she eagerly waits yours and Noel's arrival.
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Awww, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make all of you cry too! I'm glad she was a part of my life. Some part of me will always be better for having known her.
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What a heartbreaking story! I'm so sorry about Tavi. She seems like such a truly special girl and what a horrible way for you to lose her. I am not much of a dog lover myself, and I would have felt the same as you did when all this was happening. I think your sister's behavior was awful, but its the same thing you see with some parents who have horrid children and won't see it or admit it.
You can't blame yourself though, you did everything you could do at the time, without causing a major break in your family relationship. Tavi is happy and free over the rainbow bridge now and you will see her again someday.
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I do love all animals in a general sense. I just, as my personal pets, like cats. I didn't want to see Elisa put down either (well, at least not in my more rational moments.. when I was furious at various times, I felt the urge to do it myself..).

I have to say that in this particular situation my sister is painted horribly.. and that has a lot to do with the unresolved anger I feel about it. That being said, though, I want to toss out there that she has very strong family ties (stronger than mine) and she's rescued us all more than once. She's done things for us that I surely wouldn't feel the obligation to do. She loved that dog as much as I love my kitties.

I just am very upset about Tavi, and I'm not effectively building a bond with the new kitty. No one really gets that I'm still grieving about Tavi (except my best friend). While they all loved her, they didn't have that bond, and I guess they just didn't love her as much as I did. This is the only cat that I've ever grieved this long over.

I guess the thing that angers me the most about this whole thing is she wouldn't listen to any thing I said. I was completely invalidated, until Elisa killed Tavi, at which point there's really no satisfaction in getting to say I told you so. If she would have listened to me, at the very least, we could have muzzled the dog, or taken different steps. None of that was an option until after the fact. Then it was all regret and remorse and you know, I know she feels guilty, and certainly she adored Tavi as well. Tavi was a household favorite even with the non-cat people in the house.

Anyway, I just needed to post about her, and the situation, I guess. Hopefully it will help me start really getting over it.

Thank you all for validating my feelings, that helps. No one here really understood, and this is, at least, a fairly anonymous venue.. (unless, of course, you know me and therefore my kitties' names..) hehe.
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I guess one of the reasons your situation hit me so hard, and angered me so much towards your sister as well as the dog, is that your description of little Tavi reminds me so much of my Simba, at least personality wise, and I don't know if I would have been in the same situation as yours was, that the dog would have ever been lucky enough to find a new home. I would be SO BLINDED with anger that I don't know what I would have done.

Anyway, I am so sorry that you had to experience this, and that you had to lose your precious baby, for your family to see the light. That dog was dangerous, and I think the VERY MOMENT she attacked your son, there shouldn't have been ANY doubt that the dog had to go.
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Well, I do agree with that. It occurs to me, though, that I probably did say some version of turned on.. I do want to be as fair as I can and say that when she "turned on" anyone.. she was snapping at my son, but his forward momentum (he was moving to hug her) and her turning around to snap, brought them together. And when she snapped at Tavi, she just turned and snapped and got her. I don't think she intentionally meant to get her, or if she did intend to get her, it was intended as a warning, not as something to injure or kill her. It was just *always* my fear that being that she was 140-150 pound dog, with those massive jaws.. she just had no idea how much damage she could do. You know, maybe she did, there's just no telling what went through her little doggie brain.

When she turned on me, and she did "turn on" me, she wasn't just snapping, she was biting, I had recreated a scenario of abuse in her mind, by tackling her from behind. I don't know, 95% of the time, she was great. It was, unfortunately, that 5% that just.. it was the kicker.

I was very angry about it too, and very angry that a new home wasn't looked for. My point was.. you know, if you can find a new home for her, while being completely honest with the new owners.. you will lose the dog, but at least you'll know she's alive and well. Once she gets one of my cats, that's it. My mom still doesn't understand why I get so mad. She understands better than most, because she was on my side in everything the entire time.. "that dog is not going to ever be right" "she needs to be fed away from the cats, not given bones near the cats" I mean, you know, she backed me up on everything.

I know exactly how you feel. I was blinded with anger. And you know, this is horrible to say, but I was so mad and so upset when Tavi died.. my sister was holding the baby, and you know, all I could hear was oh my god, the cat, but then I'd hear, well, thank god it wasn't the baby. I said, well, she was my child, even if she did have four feet and fur. I don't care if she was an animal. I surely don't wish the fate on any other creature, human or non-human, but.. I made the point to her that if it had been my nephew's son that she'd snapped at and gotten instead of mine, the dog would have found a new home at the first incident. It was just like what I said was unimportant.

My original post was very one-sided, of course, because I'm still very angry and I know it is probably a bit unfair to all other parties involved. I don't blame the dog. The dog was very very confused and I guess you'd have to spend time with her to see what I mean.. because she was just.. the issues she had completely stemmed from the abuse she'd suffered. It didn't make her any less of a problem, but I could at least understand why she was the way that she was. I do agree, though, she was a time-bomb, especially in this environment.

There are things that I could have done, including giving my cats to another home where they wouldn't have been in jeopardy, or the more likely thing was.. I probably really shouldn't have taken Tavi in the first place. The dog was there, I still worried about her even though she seemed to have calmed down. I guess what it comes down to is hindsight is 20/20 and I just know that I could have saved that precious girl's life, if I'd done something differently. My sister sees that too, and she's suffered a lot of remorse about Tavi's death. She's been very guilt-ridden and I know she blames herself, but it doesn't make me any more reasonable about it. I just had to put it up there and get it off my chest, and feel validated about my feelings about the dog.

I'm glad to know that there's another kitty out there with such an exceptional personality like Tavi had. It gives me hope that one day I'll find another companion like her. Hehe, time to go love on Noel and the marbled menace (Joyeux), and Bagheera to make sure they feel loved too.
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What a terrible story, no wonder you feel grief-stricken, angry, guilty and depressed all at once. And now you have other problems to contend with too. Although you say your account is one-sided, I think you have been very fair and objective in your assessments of other people's feelings and actions. I really do not know what else to add, but to say that I hope you do bond with Joyeux ( I know how hard it can be - I still mourn my very special boy, Napoleon who died horribly of poison last October), and that you solve the other difficulties you are going through. Good vibes for you and all the fur family.
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I'm bonding with her to some extent. Certainly I adore her and she is definitely amusing.. hence the name the Marbled Menace..(Tavi was dubbed, early on, the Tiny Terrorist).. but, the bond isn't the same and I guess I'm missing that. Tavi was definitely my cat. She was nice to everyone, but like Noel, I was her human. Noel isn't bonding at all with Joyeux, although she seems to have passed through the worst of the grieving stage. I think Joyeux is bonding more with my sister, which is okay, I guess, and probably partially my fault because I'm not doting as much.. I guess I would say I'm not doting as sincerely as I did with Tavi. I think she can sense it.

I'm so sorry to hear about Napoleon I know how hard it is to see them go, especially when it's something that's painful *and* you see it... with Tavi it was like watching my child get stabbed to death, effectively. I can just imagine how difficult it is to lose one to poison.

I will give all the four-footers hugs from everyone, hehe.. at least one of them will look at me like what do you think you're doing???? That's okay.. I'll just blame it on you guys!
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Rest in peace Tavi, play well at the bridge.
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I'm so sorry, rest in peace tavi!
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Originally Posted by CatsAreBetter View Post
The dog was really wonderful about 95% of the time. Once she got my son, however, I just didn't have the love for her that I once did. I never got past it from that point.
while i understand that it was/is not Elisa's fault that she was/is the way she was/is, this would've been the last straw for me. i wouldn't have cared that it was 'accidental', that Elisa didn't mean to actually bite my child - and it should've been enough for your family to understand as well. i know we can't expect others to 'get' that our furchildren are just that - our children - but human children are another matter. the adoptive parents could've easily sued, & probably would've won had they chosen to do so.
to you & Noel during this painful time. may you both find another kitty that helps fill the void sweet Tavi has left. it will take some time - but that kitty will come along someday - Tavi will send him/her to you
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Yes, I was pretty upset by the incident. The adoptive parents are very good friends of my sister's. This is how I got to know them in the first place, but.. none-the-less, it was still a risk no matter what. That was solved by keeping the dog put away from the children (on another floor). Anyway, I'm skeptical that she would have done anything different had she "thought of it sooner" like she says she would, because she had a very cavalier attitude and just knew it all. I mean, I hate to say that, but I just look at her and think Yeah, right.

Now she and Joyeux are bonding more than Joyeux and I are and it's just another thing to irritate me. That, of course, isn't her fault. I just wasn't ready and cats pick who they like.

Thank you, though, I hope that one does sometime soon.
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I am so sorry to hear about Tavi, I think the majority of the blame is on your sister rather than you, she should have seen the issues this dog had, and dealt with it - apart from the ending, this sounds so similar to my neighbours dog, she wouldn't accept he had issues, after biting 6 people and savaging a dog, the police took him away. I am glad that Elisa has got someone to work with her rather than a worse ending for her too. I am sorry that you have struggled to accept Joyeux and I hope that changes for you soon. RIP little one, send a message soon to show you are happy
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