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Hey, everybody! You can probly barely remember me, I haven't been on here in so long. We lost Internet connection for a while when we tried to relocate our computer, and the I really have had just no time to do anything.

I actually owe like a lot of money on a library book. My brother goes "Why didnt you just return it." I go "No time," and he says "You know, your actually the only person I know that can actually honestly say that. Most people are just to lazy, but you actually have no time in life." And he's completely right.

An update on Willie:
He's absolutely great. He'll be 1 soon, so hes getting off of kitten food, going into indoor cat style. Its so cool that hes made one year. Hes becoming more of a mush lately. Since we have a sheet of ice covering the ground here, I've been taking him out in his carrying cage/on a leash, to go on the sled and get pulled around the yard, and he sure does love that. He really likes the snow. He's escaping less lately, which is great. He doesnt always try to run right up the tree anymore, because we yell when he does, so he knows its wrong (also possibly because he KNOWS he cant grip it).

I'm sorry to bring up the bad news, but my sister's friend's cat, only about a year and a half old, was loosing wieght. They brought her to the vet, and she has leukemia. She's being put down tomorrow. Please, I hope this family does ok with the loss.

I wish I could say I'll be back on lately, but I really can't. I just have absolutely no time lately. I have a busy life, which I love. So if I'm not on here, I'm sorry, and don't worry. I'll comeon every once in a while like I have been. Of course if I can, I'll come as much as I can. I miss it here, but lately if I'm not doing something, I like to spend my time with Willie, because I dont get to do that a lot, so forgive me if I'm not here!

I hope I talk to you all very very soon!
Willie does, too!