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Have you ever noticed

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That when you are cleaning particularily a big job like spring cleaning that it looks worse than before you started about halfway through because everything is everywhere. And the next thing you know its all nice and neat. And it seems like it takes up half your day when it really doesn't. I have noticed your day passes by quicker when you are up moving about.
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yea, i make more of a mess when cleaning stuff,
cleaned the desk and stuff last night, had it all over the floor at one point.
time does go much faster when busy.
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Ohh I would make a huge mess when cleaning my desk cause its jammed pack full of junk. I can't even open the door to it without moving my toes first to see what's going to fall out.
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Spring cleaning huh? It guess it's about time to do that huh? Darn it, does it mean I have to get off the internet?
You're right, I think to myself why did I start this when I'm half way through it and then when it's all done I pat myself on the back for a job well done.
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LOL I am mostly tidying up right now but I really need to do some spring cleaning or atleast a little bit. Its been going to the back burner lately. But I will catch it up soon enough.
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everytime I try to clean I swear the house just gets messier I have to much stuff, ecspecially in my room and usually I will just look when I am cleaning and also think to myslef why did i start this I also take to many breaks because I just dread looking at the stuff and let me tell u the kitties dont help when I am cleaning either they help re mess it all up, man tomarrow is cleaning day i gotta run the sweeper too (I hate vacums I used to be scared of them for some odd reason but I am over that but with the guniea pigs and kitties I am also running the vacum hmm...maybe I will try to stay up as late as possible today just so I can sleep all day tomarrow and not have to clean although it will still be there tuesday
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