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Good morning

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Well its 5 minutes past morning here but its still morning east of here. I have been doing laundry all morning. And Miss Tavia is asleep on the bed she is curled up on her side with one leg stretched out and on over her chest and has her head upside down she is being a lazy kitty this morning. And Lilly decided that since I made the bed she would lay in the middle of all of my pillows. Ah the joys of furkids. I think I am about to get the laundry half way done. But I still have to do the dishes and sweep and vacume the floors but the dishes are soaking. I can't go anywhere because we have snow on the ground and even though the main roads are clear our road isn't. Not sure whatelse I want to do today just kind of moving slow. Hope you are all having a nice day. Love and Hugs Gail.
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Well good afternoon! Glad to see your day is going well.
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good afternoon
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Good Afternoon although I want to go to sleep and well I am snowed in as well but hey we kno ppl with 4 whell drive so me and my mom are going out although she didnt tell my dad i was going too If it wasnt for me leaving id be sleeping !!! Hope everyone stays warm
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