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Question about inflamitory bowel disease...

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Hello, my cat has been diagnosed with IBD for about a year. She has had to go through numerous medications until finally settling on Buedesonide (not sure if that is spelled right). It seems to work the best, although she vomited the other day, and last night. The other day, she was running around a lot right after she ate, which I think caused it, but last night I'm not sure if she was running around.

My question to anyone else with a cat with IBD is, is the occasional vomiting OK? Is this something to be worried about? Thanks in advance.
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Ibd can be difficult to control .. my dog has is and diet change helped her greatly ... what is your kitty eating?? i know IBD and vomiting can go together but VOMITING is not ever normal.. if she vomits again i would either get to an er vet or call for appt tomarrow... Do you know how to check for dehydration?>??
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Hi, we have her on the EVO wet and dry food. It has really done wonders for her diabetes.

I know how to check for dehydration. She seems fine. Even right after she vomited she ran to her food bowl and was purring very loud. She was kind of playful afterwards, it didn't seem to affect her at all. Thanks for the quick reply.
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My cat Vegas just got diagnosed w/ IBD....two weeks ago actually...she was vomiting a lot (3-5 times daily for about 3 days) so she was put on prednisone (sp?)....not real comfortable w/ that and i hope that they do not keep her on it long term...but it's worked..she has not vomited since being on the medication. What will they do next? This medication doesn't seem to be a long-term med. as it causes liver and kidney failure if used long term (according to my research). I am waiting for the follow up call to my vet. and I am curious as to what he may have her do next regarding this....any suggested questions I should ask him? a diet change or new medication? Based on your experience what do you think? Thanks for your insight!
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All 3 of my cats have IBD although they all have different symptoms. Bailey was the most recently diagnosed and he continues to throw up and get constipated once in awhile (constipation was his biggest symptom). I've talked to his vet about this, and she told me it's not unusual to continue to see occasional symptoms even when a cat is being treated. If you haven't talked to your vet about your kitty's continued vomiting though, I'd still suggest you do that. I've never used budesonide. Chloe has been on prednisolone for a couple of years now and Katy has for about a year-and-a-half, but we're in the process of weaning Katy off pred and switching her over to Leukeran. Pred has never caused Chloe any problems though Katy has had some problems with it and that's why we're taking her off of it.

IBD is not a disease that can be cured, but what you can hope for is to be able to control it.
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There are some long-term risks with prednisone, but oftentimes the benefits outweigh the risks. If it's the one thing making Vegas feel good now...I wouldn't fight it just yet. Beandip's been on it over a year...I'm trying to wean him off of it now, so far so good. No problems...and he didn't even gain any weight on it.
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Ok I talked to the vet yesterday. He wants Vegas to take the medication now every other day till it is gone and then see how she is doing. She's always been constipated, lol, and I have a lax. i can give her...i should try giving that to her more, maybe its all the help she needs. She didn't really ever throw up when she would take it 3-4 times a week...and ate the fancy feast (which i'd like her to not eat anymore) so I think I may start giving that to her again - esp. once the medication is done.

I also found out that she only started to vomit a lot when i switched her food to Blue Spa Select wet/canned food. They just did a recall on that added to the list on may 2nd...just read this yesterday. Made me sick to my stomach...I am pretty sure i bought a couple on that list w/ the date on there....however they did test the food and said it didn't test positive for melamine...so I am going to go under the assumption that her condition is unrelated. I may call the vet and let him know about this though to see if he thinks it is necessary to run blood tests to make sure her kidneys' are ok.

I don't know what wet food to feed her now, but I'm thinking of trying Evo, Merrick, or some other Organic/Natural food...you could go crazy with all the suggestions and brands out there!
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