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Color me shocked!

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I just got notification that a story I submitted for an online competition (about what else but cats) Has passed two phases of judging and is entering the third phase! They only wanted true life stories and I just squeaked in under their deadline- but so far it is looking pretty good.
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CONGRATULATIONS! ...why would you be shocked? You're a great writer, and I doubt there are many (if any) people who have the breadth of experience you have.

We've got our fingers crossed!

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Well, you may be shocked, but I certainly am not. You have a wonderful way with words, especially when it comes to things you love. Every time you wrote about dear Shredder it brought tears to my eyes. Your emotions came through in the beauty of your words.

What was your story about, if you don't mind me asking?
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It was about Dunkin, it is her story of immense courage. Thank you for the compliment both of you, but I have so many rejection letters upstairs from past attempts, I could wallpaper my house with them!
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MA, I think you are a fantastic writer and I hope that the people who are judging this will see that too. Keeping our fingers and paws crossed for you!
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You deserve to win in my opinion!
You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!
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WOW !!!! I hope you will win this !!
Let us know , so we can have a cat-party !!
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That is GREAT Hissy!!!! You DO deserve to win!!!! I am anxious to find out if you do!!!! I think you write so well!!!!! I hope you win!!!!
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Congrats Hissy
Thats wonderful. way to go...
Tish +
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