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what do you think is best ?

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ok we have a female pregnant cat here *ANNE* a while back i was having a moan about one of the mums around my childrens school was bragging how she saw her cat with another tom cat , well you get the picture.
anyway she also moans about the mess that kittens make and that this is like her 3rd or fourth litter in about 2 years or so. i tried getting her to spay her but she said she couldnt be bothered it was to much hassle
anyway last week she asked me to take her as she was being sick and was under her feet.
so i agreed just so that she can have her kittens then i can spay her.
she is a friendly cat about 3 years old she seems to get on with my own cats .
but what i would like to know is i was going to set her birthing box litter food water ect .. in my room like i did with my lilly. but anne as soon as the door is closed she dosnt cry or go mad , but i will go in the room and cannot get in as she pulls thee carpet up and it takes about 20 mins to try and get it all back so that i can then open the door. so she has the run of the house at the moment.
what i was thinking was about her last week should i put her in the dog crate i have when im not there or at night? it isnt a large one its a meduim one . there will be a small cat litter tray food and water dishs and then it just leaves enough room for a blanket . but not a box. i didnt know if this would be fair on her or not ??? and i can not let her have the bathroom as the kids are always in and out of there..
your advice please.
oh she is already on a good quilty kitten food wet and dry. as before she was on tescos own fgs. so that was changed once she came here , then the sickness stoped and her poo returned to normal. plus the sickness could have been to do with being pregnant.
she has also been seen by a vet they say she seems to be in good health no flees ect.. from the dates the lady gave about begging of jan and what the vet can roughly feel they say about 8th march or there abouts.
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Good job getting that poor girl away from that bad situation, we did the same thing 2 years ago, it took me over a year to get the cat (pregnant of course) but we finally got her, she was so young and had had so many kittens, poor thing.
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That is a very good question and one i'd really like to know the answer to aswell for exactly the same reason. I also have a large dog crate that i wanted to use for when Dee Dee gives birth but after all the bits and pieces have gone inside would there be enough room for her? i know you can create levels so that she can jump up and have a bit of 'time out' but i'd still feel cruel confining her to such a small space when she is used to so much freedom normally. At the moment she is kept in my daughters bedroom at night and when i'm at work. Sorry to hijack your thread!!!
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lol no problem if it gets some answers please do . see ours isnt very tall either about 3ft high , so i couldnt put any levels in there for her. and because it is only small i have to have a small litter tray in there , the kittens could easliy get in there for about 1-2 weeks old so that worrys me to. maybe i could just use newspaper for that problem though.
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I had a thought, if u had one of those cat hammock beds that u fit over a radiator you could use that in the crate. All you do is fix the metal loops through the mesh and it stays securely. I just tried it and it works brilliantly!
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Well Done , I Would Never Have Fault Of That Lol
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IMO I'd confine her and the newborn kittens for their safety. I bred rexes and had a very large cage they all stayed in with no problems. IMO its a lot safer to have mom and kits in one place then to allow them to have the kits anyplace they choose.

Put in a nice large cardboard box and line it with a pillowcase with newspaper in it. After she has the kits, then change to another pillowcase with a towel in there for softness
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Thank you for taking care of this sweet girl.
She is due soon....
Be sure to keep us updated.
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i cant get a big box in there plus a litter box. thats the problem im having. i have been trying her in there today and she is going mad , so i might have to find a way of keeping her in my room and just trying to stick the carpet down , as i dont want to use tacks just incase she pulls them up and hurts herself.
really was not expecting to have another pregnant cat in my house lol . but hey shes safe
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I have had the same problem, by the time the box,litter etc are in theres no room! In the end i have taken the litter tray out,its now outside the door.Have also taken the box out as she didnt really like it. Its now just full of blankets and towels etc, and she seems to much prefer it as she has been nesting in there a fair bit since i took the box out!

Fudge has free run of the house while we are in/up and we put her in the kitchen when we go out but leave the cage door open for her.
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Well we had a very large verikennel (dog size) that Ling's mom and her bro/sisters were kept in. I just gave the mom a cardboard box (medium size) with towels in it and a smaller cardboard litter pan. There was not a lot of room left, but it did the job of keeping everyone together. Mom was a barn cat and it was safer for her to be confined in the kennel then it was by letting them choose where to have kittens in a big barn!

They stayed in there for about 4-5 weeks till the kits were brought inside and mom was taken to the vet for spaying. So she never got back outside to get pregnant again
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aww always nice to hear a happy ending.
i think i will just do with what i done with lilly , and keep her in my room.
now just got to find something to keep the carpet down lol
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ok the super glue worked and she hasnt pulled it up since shes been in today.
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Aww... You get another litter. I am sad that people treat animals like this. I hate that people think they are just "throw away". Good for you for taking this poor girl in. Are you planning on keeping her?

As far as the dog cage.. I have a HUGE One.. and I put the Momma in there at night.. So that way she couldn't run off into a place I couldn't get to her to have her babies.. and it was fine.. As long has she has room to move away from the litter pan..and has food and water.

Good luck!
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i must admit i wasnt planning on keeping mum , once the kittens were 12 weeks old i was going to find them all a home , but shes such a loving girl its hard not to fall in love with her, so you never know lol.
she seems so settled in my room now so think i will leave her there , i have a bed that the bottom goes right to the floor , so no chance of her having them anywhere unsafe in there , unless she has them in the chest of draws ( one of the door bits broke off. but so far she has taken to the wardrobe where lilly had her ones , so iv cleaned it out and put some blankets in there for her , and the last few days thats where shes been sleeping. roughly 10 days to go now.
i know i really dont know why some people keep animals , some just have no idea , and when you do try to help with advise they turn a blind eye.
but today i was happy , where i homed lilly from the sister to her had another litter 6 weeks ago who have found homes , and she has finally said she is going to spay her , so that is wonderfull news as in the last yr she has had 3 litters poor girl. shes only 2.
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