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What do you do on Sundays?

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Well since i've had a sleeping problem i havent been able to have so much energy, but as the sun has been shining the last couple of days its been great!

Today is Sunday, and I literally need to plan out my day! Its just going to consists of Cleaning and Cooking and preparing for my class tomorrow!

Whats your sunday like? I would so love to take a walk! I might do that a little later!
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If I'm not working I usually grab a couple of beers and watch the football whilst reading the sunday papers...
Will probably play CivIV with Epona today whilst listening to the game on the radio however
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Sunday morning is cleaning morning, the whole house gets done and then the rest of the day is dedicated to watching dvd's, playing with the furballs and maybe a nap. I think after all the mornings work I earn it!!!
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Wow it's so cute when everyone posts on the day, like a happy family
I stay in on Sunday. Otherwise, its the only time in the weekend that my hubby is off work, so we do goout if we have the money. Of course, its just another day for my cats:
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I'll be leaving for the rescue in a little bit. On Sundays it's usually only be an one other lady there to clean, so it takes us about 5 hours so so. When I get home I'll probably go back to bed for a couple hours. Go back online, make and eat dinner, watch tv, back here, then to bed.

Sundays are the most boring day but I get more sleep on sundays than I do any other day.

That is until summer comes. Then sunday afternoons when my little sister gets back from Church, I take her swimming.
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Watch Nascar races
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It's often the one day when neither of us are working so unless there something we have to do we chill out - watch tv - I read books and come on TCS. Sometimes we have to do housework too, if it hasn't all been done on saturday.
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Well I usually have a lay in bed till 6am, go and charge myself with coffee, go and feed the chickens and let them out, then play table tennis for a couple of hours with my son or sons if he is back from London. Then its a couple of hours gaming on the computer or listening to some music, and then! well it could be cooking dinner or just chilling out in front of the telly.
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Usually it's cleaning / laundry day. But today I might go to the university and get some work done.

Every day is study day for me
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well unless ive been partying out till 4 or 5 am i wont do any cleaning on sundays!
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During NFL season, Sundays consist of beer and football.

Now that the football season is over, I usually go to the bookstore for a bit (only I went yesterday so won't go today)

Catch up on some TV, clean and cook a proper dinner
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Normally take my eldest son to wherever he is playing football. Got a weekend off though today as he his chest is bad and we didn't think running aroung in the cold was a good idea.

Did a bit of cleaning, made us all toasted sandwiches, and now settling down for 1/2 hour online before tackling the great mountain of ironing which is threatening to take over the house!!
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Church, couple of times a month depending if I'm awake for it... some chores, probably; and a little schoolwork. The rest, just relaxing and playing with my computer, the housemates' dogs, and any crochet project I might have going.

All in all, not a bad day.
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hmm...sundays well I hate sundays they are so boring I usually put clothes away (I used to wash my own clothes but the cats over took my room and well my mom said she did most of them anyway so shed do them who was gonna argue with that ) So i usually have clothes to put away but thats not until later or during the week the usually sit in the bushel a couple days some of the time but I usually also try to get caught up with school work and watch a few movies and well at 8 is Extreme makeover Home Edition so we watch that and then at 10 brothers and sisters so thats my usual Sunday agenda
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I usually start the day by reading the newspaper, having breakfast, perhaps some cleaning (laundry done already), odds and ends tasks. Since football season is done not muc to do in afternoon-read a book, be on computer once its nice outside I'll be outside doing "yardening tasks". Make a good supper and prepare something for Neil to take for lunch. I did water the basement plants and make some granola today too.
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1st things 1st for us, fresh ground coffee & hot buttered croissants Then some regular TV progs - Heaven & Earth followed by Countyfile - then Sunday papers, that takes us up to about 2pm.

Today DH wanted a change so he took me to the marina so someone else could do the coffee & croissants then we just strolled around the marina swooning over the fab boats & sailboats.
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well, wash some stuff for the work week, maybe clean if it needs it. play some internet games with friends. read. Always look forward to sunday shows on history channel, and some of the others. since they normaly put there new stuff on sunday night.
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Well, I usually do a lot of cleaning. With 5 furballs (2 large shedding dogs and 3 cats)...our house ends up looking like a fur trap 3 days after cleaning it. Right now the couch is caked in hair, so I'll have to tackle that and do some dusting.

Getting new back tires put on my car, visiting hubby in the hospital, and coming back and finishing the cleaning. Currently, I need a hot bath. I reek of bleach, Comet, Pine Sol, and other cleaners. Blech!!!
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We usually play video games. TV is horrible on Sundays. Usually DH goes grocery shopping but with the storm this week he already did that. We may go to BJ's. That was our plan last night before unexpected guests popped in.
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I will be sweeping/mopping the floors, vacuuming, getting groceries, putting away laundry and baking cookies!! I already swept and mopped, so just a few things left before the fun of baking comes
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Usually we make a good breakfast/lunch- and then lounge around, cleaning and what-not. Nothing too interesting!
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
During NFL season, Sundays consist of beer and football.

Sometimes it takes ALOT of beer to watch the Chiefs.

Sunday is also a good brunch day, and since we're both off we like to go shopping too.
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We don't do much on Sundays if we are both off together. Usually just lounge around on the computers, watch TV, and not to much else, unless the cats are out of food, then it's our trip to Davenport to get food, litter and things like that for them, and we go to fish stores and stuff browsing all the fish and looking for things we could possibly buy in the future.
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Start the day with a cup of coffee, read the paper if there's time, then do our weekly shopping at Wal-Mart. We go early (8 or 9), and there's not so many people there. My DH is manager of a grocery store, so even if he's off we go in & finish up some work, do mark-downs, whatever. By then it's lunch time (if I ask nicely DH will take me to a Chinese buffet). Then home to do laundry, work around the house, watch DH take a nap , whatever needs to be done. Come summer, I'll be glued to the TV watching the Cubs.
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My Sunday's are usually me trying my hardest to get my week's worth of assignments done by midnight. I do most of my assignments ahead of time & either re-work parts of them to check for mistakes & the other assignments I do on Sundays. It's all part of my plan....
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I worked all day today
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