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It's official.......I'm addicted!

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Ok, it's 4:24 am on Sunday morning.........Im just passing through on my way to the potty, then going back to bed.......who all else does stuff like this?
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morning Its 10.28am here and I´ve been on TCS for a hour already.............great eh
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I know I am. Its 135 in the morning. I have been home from work since 11 and have logged on and off all night. My DH and I are even triing to have a romantic evening. A couple bottles of wine and a nice late dinner. Where am I? Here

He doesn't mind though, he loves to see me happy. He knows that if I am happy now he will be happy later
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I do that too, you have to make sure you don't miss anything
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Yeah, me too! I'm passing through as I eat breakfast and then I'm going back to bed.
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I thought it was official a while ago!?
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Yes you're definately addicted! I may not post every day but I do check in almost every day. When I'm on holiday I miss it! I went to an internet cafe and logged in last holiday!
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I got up at 11 fed the cats and watched them play on the porch for about 10 minutes and then came in here and logged on. Sometimes I don't post, I just lurk, but I try to be on here as much as possible.
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Yeah, I'm kind of terrible about TCS. My house is a filth hole right now, and I have to clean myself up a bit before I go take my car in to have my back tires replaced, and lo' and behold, I'm back on here.
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Dear lord Susie, you almost have 20000 posts!! You had 10000 only a couple of months ago

I think you are supremely addicted my friend
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I have to admit I love going on this board and another also. Weekends are made for relaxing and our dog walks get later and later. But luckily Neely is an indoor cat and she doesn't mind at all. I keep telling Sean just one more minute, just one more minute...... I wonder what he thinks about when mom is on the computer!
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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
I thought it was official a while ago!?
Yeah, for her I think it was about 18,000 posts ago...
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Well, I've never gotten up at 4AM to get on TCS... then again, I love my sleep a bit too much
But... I am addicted
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Not me! I may be addicted, but not much keeps me from my sleep!
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Same here...

Hilda >^..^<
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I think it was official about 17,999 posts ago Susie! Makes me glad we don't have a computer at home and can only log on at work or at a friends house (where I currently am).
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Yeah, your allright.......the addiction started around 18000 posts ago
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Originally Posted by Hilda>^..^< View Post
Same here...

Hilda >^..^<


In less then 2 months you've hit 1000+ posts. You're posting av. is 23 posts a day. That's about 600 posts a month. In 8 months (say, November) you'll be 6000+ posts.

Yeah, I'd say you're addicted!!!! It'll be a race between you and Miss Belinda to see who hits 10000 posts first!!!

PS. I'm just teasing!!! D
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles View Post
Not me! I may be addicted, but not much keeps me from my sleep!
And I thought I was super-addicted!
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Well Susie, i think you definitely have an adddiction. But then again, don't we all lol! TCS is awesome- it's only natural for us to be addicted to it. Sometimes i stay up all hours of the night just to hang around on TCS lol
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